Turn your old suitcases into portable speakers

"La Valise musicale" transforms old luggage into portable speakers. (La Valise musicale)


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A young French entrepreneur recycles old suitcases, briefcases and even violin cases into portable sound systems.

Dubbed "La Valise Musicale" ("The Musical Suitcase"), this new vintage and eco-friendly speaker has a jack that allows users to plug in a phone, MP3 player, PC or tablet. The output ranges from 15 to 40 watts depending on the model selected, all of which can be used with traditional or rechargeable batteries, or through a wall outlet.

Handmade, each of these artisanal sound systems is unique. Matthieu Lecouvey, who is behind the concept, invites clients to send him their old luggage, which he then repurposes and brings into the modern era.

Each product is labelled with its own name and number, making it even more unique.

An added advantage: even once its amps and speakers have been installed, the case can still be used to transport a few personal effects.

For a custom estimate: Valisemusicale.com