The countries most likely to take a spiritual or beach holiday

Asian travellers are more likely to choose a vacation that focuses on spirtual well-being than...

Asian travellers are more likely to choose a vacation that focuses on spirtual well-being than other travelers, according to TripAdvisor. (wong yu liang /


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North Americans are intrepid travellers and look for destinations that are 'off the beaten track,' while Europeans seek out sun-soaked beach vacations.

Those are among some of the key findings in a large-scale TripAdvisor survey that polled 60,000 respondents in 32 markets around the world for the bi-annual TripBarometer, which aims to gauge global travel trends.

While authentic travel experiences emerged as the most important priority among respondents on a global scale, the report also provides a further breakdown that sheds light on how different cultures value different travel experiences.

For example, authenticity and culture are most important to Russian travelers, while Asian globetrotters -- particularly the Chinese -- value vacations that focus on spiritual well-being and food more than other cultures.

The survey also revealed that South Africans are more likely than other travelers to go for all-inclusive holidays in hot and sunny locations -- a low priority for Middle Easterners who expressed a preference for city destinations and the opportunity to splurge in luxury retail therapy.

South Americans emerged as the most socially responsible travellers, placing importance on vacations with a low environmental impact and physical well-being.

Like South Africans, Europeans are partial to hot and sunny destinations.

Interestingly, though authenticity emerged as the most important travel priority, when it comes down to it, beach vacations outrank 'cultural' holidays on a global scale with the exception of the Japanese, who were least likely to opt for a beach holiday.

Here are the top 10 preferred types of vacations on a global scale, and the countries that valued them the most (where available):

1. Beach (Argentina)
2. Culture (Australia, Greece)
3. A trip where I learn something new (Russia)
4. City (Portugal)
5. Family/kids (Japan)
6. Food/cooking
7. Vacations with a group of my friends
8. Adventure
9. All-inclusive resort
10. Rural/outdoors