What would countries look like as machines?

Canada Archimachine by Federico Babina. (www.federicobabina.com)

Canada Archimachine by Federico Babina. (www.federicobabina.com)


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What would different countries look like as mechanic architectural machines?

Italian illustrator Federico Babina, known for his projects exploring the link between art and architecture, has released a new artistic series called 'Archimachine' which explores the concept.

The artist has taken 17 countries and transformed them into fantastic machines whose mechanics are the architectural foundations they possess.

The series is a reflection upon the role architecture plays in the identity of places and the people that inhabit them.

Countries featured in the series include the USA, Canada, France, India, Brazil, England, China and Australia.

The colors and the architectural symbols of each print combine to create a surrealist narrative of each nation.

"The Archimachine is a moving object suspended in space and time," explains Babina.

"We are in part the result of the spaces we inhabit.

"We make our buildings and afterwards they make us."

Babina's previous series include 'Archiportrait', which depicts famous architects in the style of their famous buildings, and 'Archist', which imagined houses in the style of historic artists.

The Archimachine prints are available in poster form from Babina's online store, with prices starting at $24.96.