Flyers name biggest gripes and grievances in air travel


, Last Updated: 1:20 PM ET

More legroom, we want more legroom! That's the cry being sounded by air travellers in a new survey that reveals passengers' biggest beefs and areas of greatest satisfaction.

In TripAdvisor's annual air travel survey, the top complaint among the 4,300 respondents polled was uncomfortable seats.

Nearly three-quarters of travellers (73%) cited limited legroom as their biggest frustration, followed by costly airline fees and tickets prices, unpredictable flight delays, long security lines and crying children.

The survey results differ little from last year, when uncomfortable seats and sky-high airline fees were also cited as the top pet peeves.

When asked to identify the biggest air travel improvements over the past five years, 38% of respondents said they appreciate efforts in the airline industry to streamline the check-in process. That was followed closely by easier booking and a more streamlined security process.

Survey findings also show that mobile phones are playing an increasingly bigger role in air travel, as 69% of respondents said they use their smartphones to check the status of their flights -- up from 56% in 2013.

Likewise, more than half of travellers (55%) said they use their phones to check in to flights, up 38 from last year, while nearly half (48%) said they also use their phones to research flight prices.

Meanwhile, when it comes to carry-on essentials, three-quarters of respondents said they never board a flight without something to read, followed by medication, tablets, a snack and hand sanitizer.