Speedos, going nude on the beach growing in popularity: Poll

Speedos are gaining worldwide acceptance, according to a survey of beachgoing attitudes. (Netfalls...

Speedos are gaining worldwide acceptance, according to a survey of beachgoing attitudes. (Netfalls - Remy Musser /shutterstock.com)


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When it comes to lounging on the beach in the buff, turns out that Germans and Austrians are the most comfortable with their birthday suits, according to a worldwide survey of beachgoing habits around the world.

In fact, Germans emerged the most likely to have spent a day sunbathing nude for the third year in a row in Expedia's 2014 Flip Flop Report. New this year, Austrians tied with their German peers: amongst both groups, nearly one in three (28%) respondents reported having spent a day sunbathing buck naked.

It comes as no surprise that Germany would top the list given its longstanding history with naturism. In 1903, Freilicht Park (Free-Light Park) opened near Hamburg as the world's first organized club for nudists.

For the report, more than 11,165 adults across 24 countries were polled.

The survey also revealed a gender divide, with more men (18%) than women (6%) willing to shake off their skivvies.

When it comes to going topless, ladies from Austria, Spain and Germany are most likely to unhook their bras and let the girls hang out.

Asian beachgoers are typically the most modest, with only 2 percent of Japanese, 3% of South Koreans and 4% of Thai beachgoers willing to disrobe in public.

Meanwhile, the survey results show a growing acceptance towards body-hugging Speedos around the world: This year, nearly three-quarters (74%) of beachgoers said that Speedo-style swimsuits for men are acceptable -- up from 65% last year.

Where the Speedo is particularly popular is Brazil, where a full 95% of Brazilians gave the skimpy 'male bikini' a 95% approval rating, followed by Austria (94%), Germany and Spain (91%).

Where it's particularly unpopular is Norway, where only 40 percent approve, followed by the US (57 %) and Japan (60%).

Overall, more than half of respondents said they took a beach vacation in the past year, and three quarters said they intend to hit up the beach in the next 12 months.