For travellers, reading and vacation go hand in hand


, Last Updated: 11:48 AM ET

Reading remains a favorite summer vacation pastime among Europeans, according to a survey conducted by Opodo. More than three out of five of the Europeans surveyed said they bring a book or two on their summer travels. French vacationers turned out to be the biggest bookworms, as 76% of them said books were on their packing list.

The majority of Europeans said they would bring one to two books on their vacation. But 20% of French respondents and 19% of Germans said they were packing as many as four books.

Italians, on the other hand, were revealed as the least voracious readers. Twenty-three per cent of them said they would not bring a single book on their summer travels.

The survey also revealed that French readers remain loyal to traditional paper-bound books (69%), even if they take up more luggage space. But English readers seem to be more open to combining literature and technology: 25% of the Brits surveyed said they wouldn't hesitate to download books to read on their tablet.

On the other hand, when it comes to keeping up with the news or reading magazines, the different European nations all seem to agree: tablets and smartphones are ideal. Fifty-five per cent of French and 58% of Germans embracing this option. Only the Germans preferred to go offline during their vacation (69%).

The Opodo study is based on an online survey of 1,640 participants carried out between June 23 and July 3.