The feature that next-generation planes may go without

IXION Windowless Jet (Technicon Design)

IXION Windowless Jet (Technicon Design)


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Windowless airplanes appear to be the future of travel, with yet another design firm removing the cumbersome portals in its renderings of the next-generation jet.

In its drawings for the IXION airplane, Technicon Design France, based near Paris, imagines a jet that would be free of individual windows, a move that would reduce a significant amount of weight, simplify construction and expand the design possibilities of the interior cabin.

In place of windows, the entire length of the inner cabin walls would be used as a giant screen that would project livestreamed images of the aerial surroundings courtesy of cameras mounted on the jet wing and fuselage, for unhindered, panoramic views of their aerial surroundings.

The concept is strikingly similar to that of the Spike S-512, designed by Boston-based Spike Aerospace, a supersonic jet that is currently in development. The Spike S-512 is also being built to halve the flight time from New York to London and whisk passengers across the Atlantic in as little as three hours instead of six.

The IXION, meanwhile, would be fitted with solar panels to power low-voltage systems on board.

Like the Spike S-512, the IXION would also allow flyers to control their immediate surroundings.

In swiping and gesturing motions reminiscent of those seen in "Minority Report," passengers aboard the IXION would be able to dim the lights and turn on their personal television.

Technicon's designs were created for the National Business Aviation Association in the UK and recently won The International Yacht & Aviation Award for its exterior design concept.

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