Zero-gravity flights to embark on worldwide tour for astronaut wannabes




, Last Updated: 2:44 PM ET

For all the wannabe astronauts and thrill seekers in the world, a zero-gravity commercial airline may be headed to the skies near you, allowing you to channel your inner Chris Hadfield -- or Sandra Bullock.

Bookings have opened for the S3 ZeroG, a modified Airbus out of Switzerland that will hit up destinations in North America, Europe, the Middle East and Asia in a worldwide tour.

Under the supervision of space professionals, participants will be able to experience the feeling of weightlessness and zero gravity at 34,000 feet instead of the limits of outer space.

Over the course of about two hours, specially trained pilots will perform 15 parabolic aircraft maneuvers by soaring 10,000 feet in about 65 seconds, each providing about 25 seconds of weightlessness. 

Participants can choose between three packages: Party, Premium and VIP.

'Party' zone tickets can accommodate up to 40 passengers.

Those willing to pony up a bit more cash can opt for the Premium zone, that maxes out at 28 passengers and includes activities with balloons, liquids and take-home gifts like a Breitling S3 ZeroG timepiece, and the chance to take home their flight suit.

The VIP zone, meanwhile, can be reserved for 12 participants at a minimum cost of €50,000, and can be designed to provide a customizable experience.

Beware, however, the pitfalls of weightless thrill rides: Astronauts that train on reduced gravity aircraft for their space flights also call them 'vomit comets.'

The S3 ZeroG kicks off its worldwide tour early next year, hitting Asian countries like Japan, Korea, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Philippines and Singapore through the winter.

In the spring, the aircraft will head towards the Middle East, then over to Europe in the early summer months, including Switzerland and France in June.

Come fall, astronaut wannabes in Canada and the US get their turn before the tour ends in Ecuador and Puerto Rico.

Rates start at €2,000.