'Fakecations:' The art of pretending to get away from it all

A beach vacation? Nope, it's just fingers on someone's 'fakecation.' (Relaxnews)

A beach vacation? Nope, it's just fingers on someone's 'fakecation.' (Relaxnews)


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A new trend emerging on social networks, the #fakecation is a playful response to the countless real vacation photos that invade your feed this time of year.

A portmanteau of "fake" and "vacation," the hashtag is applied to images that only appear to have been taken in an idyllic destination. For example, a selfie that seems at first to have been taken in a tropical paradise but actually shows a travel agency poster or the wallpaper desktop on an office PC. The most creative fakers have even mastered the art of making their fingers look like bent knees in front of a luxurious hotel pool or a beach with powdery white sand.

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There's no need to correct the details that might give you away: the more obvious the hoax, the better the fakecation. If the colors are slightly off, if the fingers look just a little too long to be legs, or if a mouse cursor seems to be floating in the sky, you know you've pulled off the perfect fakecation.

Check out some fakecation photos from Instagram and Twitter below.