Seat recliners named most annoying flyers: Survey

Seat recliners have been identified as the most annoying flyers in a new survey....

Seat recliners have been identified as the most annoying flyers in a new survey. ( Tune)


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Seat recliners beware: You've been dubbed the 'passengers from hell.'

That's according to a newly released poll from, which asked flyers to name their biggest pet peeve in its "Passengers Who Make Your Flight Hell" survey.

Of the 1,550 respondents, 35 percent named the seat recliner their biggest nightmare, followed by flyers with poor hygiene and bad body odor, otherwise known as "Smellus Maximus" (26 percent).

The results of the survey add to the increasingly heated discussion of a passenger's right to recline their seat, and a flyer's right to personal space: Recently, three flights in the US were forced to divert in the span of eight days after passengers got into major, disruptive fights on board over the issue.

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On a United Airlines flight scheduled from Newark to Denver, a fight over the use of a Knee Defender -- a small gadget that prevents seats from reclining -- caused a major skirmish between two passengers, forcing the plane to make an unscheduled landing in Chicago.

While the US Federal Aviation Administration doesn't ban anti-seat reclining devices except during taxi, takeoff and landing, major US airlines including American Airlines, United, Delta Air Lines and Southwest have implemented their own policies, prohibiting their use.

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Meanwhile, coming in at No. 3 on's list of nightmarish passenger is the "Parentus Slapdashi," parents who let their children run wild, followed by greedy armrest users, and incessant chatterboxes.