Spanish travellers most addicted to smartphones: Study

In Europe, Spaniards are most likely to carry a smartphone while travelling and Russians are most...

In Europe, Spaniards are most likely to carry a smartphone while travelling and Russians are most likely to use a travel-related mobile app. (Jim Lopes/


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Within Europe, Spaniards are the most likely to carry a smartphone while they travel, followed by Russians and Germans.

That's among one of the interesting findings in a recently released survey by SITA, an IT and communications company for the airline industry.

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For the 2014 Air Transport World Passenger Survey, 2,300 passengers in France, Germany, Spain, Russia and the UK were polled in the aim of painting a portrait of how technology affects the way people travel.

Overall, an impressive majority -- 82% -- said they were highly satisfied with their travel experiences, thanks to the advances of technology.

Of the countries surveyed, Russians, followed by Brits, reported the highest levels of satisfaction.

The findings were shared recently at the European Aviation ICT Forum 2014 in Amsterdam.

The results also suggest that Spaniards are the most addicted to their smartphones, with 90% saying they carried their mobile devices while travelling, followed in second place by Russians (83%) and Germans (78%).

According to the poll, it seems Russians are the biggest technological adopters when it comes to travel.

Russia leads the way for adopting smartphone services like mobile apps (67%), followed by 59% of Spaniards and 46% of Brits.

They're also the most likely to have used automated baggage drop-off at the airport (77%) compared to France (75%) and Germany (54%).

In all European markets except Spain, the most popular 'must-have' travel services included comparability of airline fees, followed by real-time flight information.