Could floating villas be the way to live closer to nature?

"Abifloat" (Abifloat / All rights reserved)


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Could a series of "floating villas" be the next big architecture trend?

Yacht designer Christian Grande has created "Abifloat", a collection of floating housing units, to be built in modular chains in a system that would allow people to truly live close to nature.

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From single one-room units to actual villages articulated on several levels, the buildings have been designed to integrate into the surrounding landscape.

Featuring buoyancy reserves, walls made using recycled plastic and honeycombed baffles in straw, cork or particleboard, the villas are both insulated and lightweight.

Other potential exterior finishing materials include wide teak planks, aluminum, and PV roofing panels.

The flooring has been designed to accommodate electrical and plumbing systems, with certain modules in the chain having the potential to hold larger systems such as pumps, compressors and waste holding tanks. The villas are connected by walkways featuring railings and small bridges.

The project, currently in the conceptual stages, aims to provide a "completely suburban habitat for those who can afford to live at slow rhythms and without time constrictions."