Plummet 41 storeys on world's newest and tallest drop ride


, Last Updated: 1:05 PM ET

For 10 terrifying seconds, the world's tallest drop ride will send riders down a hurtling descent equal to 41 storeys at speeds of up to 145 km an hour.

It's called Zumanjaro: Drop of Doom and it opened over the US Independence Day long weekend at Six Flags Great Adventure in Jackson, New Jersey, for adrenaline junkies who aren't afraid of leaving their hearts and innards 127 meters (415 feet) in the air.

For perspective, the ride is taller than London's Big Ben or twice as tall as Lady Liberty.

The speed at which the ride descends back to earth is also compared to the speed at which a female cheetah will stalk her prey.

The ride is also the fastest coaster in North America.

Take a virtual spin via a new video that shows riders being pulled to the summit for 30 climactic seconds before they're sent back to earth below.