Ten great spots for romance

A young couple kisses near the Eiffel Tower in Paris, France. -- David De Lossy/Photodisc...

A young couple kisses near the Eiffel Tower in Paris, France. -- David De Lossy/Photodisc Green/Getty Images


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From moonlit skates on Lake Louise to smooches in a Paris bistro, some vacation destinations are made for love. We wanted to know which getaways are the best, so we asked well known sex columnist Josey Vogels and Travelocity editor Jennifer Catto for their picks:

1. PARIS: France is often the top destination for love-struck couples from Bogey and Bergman ("We'll always have Paris," is the famed line from Casablanca) to Tom and Katie (Cruise proposed to Holmes on the Eiffel Tower).

"It's Paris," says Vogels. "It's internationally (renowned for romance) ... Paris is for lovers, Paris in spring. It's not one of those cities where you go with a gang of people. You want to sit in a cafe and gaze longingly in someone's eyes."

Catto agreed: "The most romantic thing you can do in Paris right now is bundle up, walk along the Seine, hold hands and duck into the galleries. So romantic. I think this is the best time to go to Paris. It's truly a Parisian's Paris right now, there are barely any tourists."

2. CALIFORNIA WINE COUNTRY: Both the Napa and Sonoma valleys boast not only fantastic wines, but also lush lodgings and marvelous food to compliment the already famous beverages.

"The scenery's gorgeous," says Vogels. "There's just something so decadent about a place that's strictly dedicated to making wine."

3. NEW YORK CITY: Broadway shows, Central Park and the Empire State building are movie-scene perfect for lovers. Says Catto: "It has sort of a European feel, it's an affordable alternative to going to Europe. Some great things to do, there are 17,000 restaurants in New York so you can't go wrong with eating."

4. GREECE: "The colour of the water is like nothing I've ever seen," says Vogels, adding she is enthralled with the Mediterranean country's towering cliffs and delicious food. "The smell of Greece, the olive oil ... everything smells really fresh and wonderful."

5. VENICE: Gondola rides were made for lovers. 'Nuff said.

6. NIAGARA FALLS: Once the most popular wedding/honeymoon destination, it's still is a place for romance, in a delightfully tacky sort of way, says Vogels. "There's still some pockets of that old Niagara Falls around. It's not quite the romantic destination that it once was, but there's still something there that you can play along."

7. BANFF/LAKE LOUISE: Only a hop, skip and a jump from Calgary, these mountain resorts are high on the sexy factor. Make sure to take a dip in the hot springs, after you take a tour of Banff National Park. Or, head to Lake Louise for some skiing with your lover.

8. HAVANA: "It's kind of a melancholy kind of romantic," says Vogels of the Cuban gem. "You can see what it once was and what it could be, how it's been beaten down and how people are trying to make it what it could be again."

9. SAN FRANCISCO: From the Golden Gate Bridge to its gorgeous hills, San Francisco is among Vogels' favourites: "The houses, the architecture, the oceanside, the hills. It's got a little bit of the iconic, that we all know."

10. MONTREAL: Montreal is a cosmopolitan city with a touch of Old World, perfect for lovers. "I think the accents alone are so romantic," says Catto. Vogels agrees: "It's like Paris with a Canadian edge. It's got the cafe culture. But then it's still got the Canadian weather. In the winter when it's so snowy, it's beautiful."