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EDITOR'S NOTE: Thanks for the months of good work, Donnie! We laughed, we cried, we enjoyed your comments immensely even when we disagreed. Good luck at Canada's second-best sports web site.

Thursday, July 30, 1998

Big Daddy says goodbye

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So here's what happened ... Yesterday, I marched in Greg Oliver's office and said, "Hell No! I will NOT write an article saying nice things about Bret Hart, Goldberg OR Greg Gagne! No! My integrity as a writer is far too important to me!" And that was that. I walked out of Mr. Oliver's office and informed him that this would be my final installment of Big Daddy's Beefs for SLAM! Wrestling.

Ok, so that's not totally true. First of all, I have no integrity. Secondly, no one at SLAM! has ever tried to censor any of my ideas. In fact, they've all been great. However, the bottom line is accurate. This is my last article for this fine website.

I realize some of you probably can't contain your excitement, but in case you're wondering, I'm not disappearing entirely ... just moving. I have taken a position with TSN and will be working on So, if you're THAT interested in reading whatever is on my mind, you know where to find me.

Also, many of you likely recall that I was the host of a RealAudio Wrestling show called THE LAW: Live Audio Wrestling. I say "was" because the show has been off the air for the last three months, but it is back now! Starting August 1st, THE LAW returns to it's regular Saturday night time slot. You can find our homepage at

OK ... Enough of the babble ... I actually DO have some rasslin' to yak about!

Three cheers for Bradshaw!

Aren't you a little sick and tired of some of the extra fluff that has been present in both the WWF and the WCW. Sure, Sable's popular, but only when she models black body paint and puts the microphone down. Goldberg has pretty sparklers, but he can't even wrestle! If ANYONE else in WCW were champ would Bryan Adams be getting title shots??

This is why I salute the attitude change of the tall Texan known simply as Bradshaw. He's sick and tired of "the show" and wants to see more wrestling! Of course, the last time someone yelled like that it was Jim Cornette and he's been in the dog house ever since. But this is different. Bradshaw is acting the way Stone Cold did before he turned into a foul mouthed Hulk Hogan. He's kickin' ass and he doesn't care who's in his way!

This former football player has all the tools to be a WWF title holder. He has the sheer size, the power, a good look and he's still very young. Add that with the fact that people are now interested in seeing what this monster is gonna do next and we have an interesting situation beginning to develop here.

Just last night a reader sent me an email telling me of an article in Penthouse magazine with the Nitro Girls. In it, Kevin Nash made some more of his, "I'm too cool to pretend wrestling is real" type of comments. Here's a small excerpt from the article:

- "Sex and violence sell," declared a seven-foot-one, 367-pound long-haired philosopher of the ring by the name of Kevin Nash as he sat in the basement of Philadelphia's CoreStates Spectrum a few hours before show time on a recent Monday afternoon. "We have violence. Now the Nitro Girls add sex."

What triggered Kevin's observation wasn't a blow to the head by one of the Steiner Brothers, with whom Kevin was choreographing his upcoming bout -- "At the same time you're clocking me, take a step toward my brother and grab both his legs," Scott Steiner instructed -- but the sight of Chae, the Asian Nitro Girl, as she ducked into her dressing room.

Is this the kind of thing that fans want to read? I doubt it. I'm guessing that Bradshaw's new gimmick (like most of the others in Titan) is mainly based on his own personality. I wouldn't be surprised if Bradshaw ripped up that magazine and went head hunting. If he sticks with it, I guarantee he'll be wearing gold within a year. Most likely the European or the Intercontinental strap.

Bradshaw has teased us with moments of brilliance. Ever since he was Justin "Hawk" and had that stand out match against Hakushi. He was the driving force behind the New Blackjacks, and he was impressive in the 1998 Royal Rumble. Bradshaw is just too big and too strong to not be a successful wrestler.

Sure, he's not flashy and doesn't wear cute tights, but so what? He's been compared by many to the great Stan Hansen. Well, he has a long way to go before that comparison holds up in my mind, but it would appear that the potential is finally being realized. It would seem that McMahon is FINALLY going to give this kid a chance.

Speaking of finally getting a chance, it looks like Canadian grappler, Tiger Ali Singh will be on TV a lot more in the near future. In case you haven't heard, they've given the Tiger Ted DiBiase's old gimmick, complete with his own servant! How much would he have to pay YOU to eat a bowl of dog food??

One more thing before I wrap this up ... I hope D-Lo Brown NEVER puts that belt on the line in North America! In all seriousness, I'm very happy for D-Lo. He has improved 1000%. It's like Happy Days when we watched little Scott Baio grow up right before our eyes. D-Lo is turning into a fine young heel and he should be around for a very long time.

Me? Well I won't be around much longer ... This is it kids ... Thanks to everyone at SLAM! for the chance and thanks to all my loyal and ever so critical readers out there who have sent me so much email I had to buy a Zip Drive!

So, see ya around!

Oh ... ya one more thing before I go. Bret Hart is the most over rated wrestler in history. He has the charisma of a grey lamp shade and will hopefully retire forever when his contract expires in just over two years!!

Now I'm done.

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