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  March 18, 2016

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SLAM! WRESTLING: "Hardcore" Chris Gramlich From The Extreme


Pondo proud to be 'deathmatch hardcore'

Despite his recent no-show at the September addition of Ring 'n Ears, MadMan Pondo (Kevin Canady) is developing quite a reputation in the independent hardcore community. Having wrestled in just about every American independent league, most notably the IWA -- Ian Rotten's seminal Hardcore promotion, nd the world famous NWA, which led to a four page spread on his pet match, (the Four Corners of pain in Pro Wrestling Illustrated), Pondo is becoming infamous for his style of hardcore. A style that recalls the likes of Cactus Jack, Sabu, Onita and Terry Funk, the ones willing to put their health on the lines for the fans enjoyment, the more Japanese than American style, with every drop of blood spilled, Pondo is fast becoming one of the crown princes of the American death match.
  • Nov. 2: Full story

    A hardcore history with Terry Funk

     Terry Funk is a man riddled with contradictions. A polite, soft-spoken, middle aged Texan, who after thirty years in the wrestling business is as likely to apologize for cussing or spitting tobacco, as he is liable to split another wrestler's head open with a broken bottle. Therein lies the walking-talking paradox that is Terry Funk.
     Not only is Funk "middle-aged and crazy" in the ring, outside of the ring he is as equally unstable as evidenced by his favorite era of wrestling, one which nearly cost him his life.
  • Apr. 7: Full story

    Snow-blind in Titan Land

      There is no disputing the fact that Al Snow is by far one of the most talented wrestlers in the game today. There is also no disputing the price this man has paid to get to where he is; the question that somehow hasn't been answered is that where exactly is he and where the hell is Vince McMahon taking him?
      Vince McMahon and the World Wrestling Federation haven't exactly been kind to Al Snow. Long time followers will no-doubt remember the Avatar and other failed martial arts-inspired gimmicks where he was never allowed to demonstrate his tremendous abilities. Then there was his tenure as a New Rocker where he got to act like an idiot and job a lot (not to mention being called a "Rocker"!). These failed gimmicks and lack of pushes aside, Al Snow was taken for granted by the WWF.
  • Feb 18: Full column

    Hardcore Hip?

      For those of you who think Extreme Championship Wrestling (ECW), invented Hardcore wrestling, well think again. The NWA had some pretty Hardcore wrestling with barbwire, cages and dog collars. Ditto with Calgary Stampede Wrestling. I mean where else could you see the Dynamite Kid do a diving head-butt twenty feet onto the concrete. Smoky Mountain Wrestling liked scaffold matches and other violent gimmicks. Japan? Well, Japan owns the market on viewable physical abuse.
  • Feb 5: Full column

    Sleaze or Entertainment?

      Many people in the World of professional wrestling believe that the World Wrestling Federation is the pinnacle of execution, creativity and talent. In their love of the WWF they overlook all the glaring problems of that company and wholeheartedly denounce any and all of the competition. Sure there are fans of both the WWF and World Championship Wrestling but for the most part there exists some sort of competition between fans of either company, who simply cannot enjoy one without attacking the other.
  • Jan. 15: Full column

    WCW needs fresh ideas, not personal attacks

      This past Monday night on Nitro, WCW played it's trump cards. The first was to spoil the out come of their competitions show and in the process deride one of the greatest talents modern wrestling has ever seen. Secondly, they reunited the Outsiders and re-established the elite New World Order with Hollywood Hogan at the Helm. Obviously neither worked.
  • Jan. 8: Full column

    The Best and Worst of 98'

      In a year, which saw the WWF regain its edge, topple WCW's stranglehold on the Neilson ratings and have a convicted rapist working their biggest pay-per-view, it's time to examine both the good and the bad. The yin and the yang, the Stephen and Alec Baldwin, the old Coke and the new Coke, the face and the heel, the light and the darkness.
  • Jan. 1: Full column

    Nash must end Goldberg's streak

      Bill Goldberg has somehow become a legitimate phenomenon in the bizarre continuum that is World Championship Wrestling. Despite his lack of experience, non-existent microphone ability and (at best), limited wrestling skills, he has somehow emerged as the most "over" creation Eric Bischoff and the WCW has ever conceived. Unfortunately his gimmick is still the same as it was when he won his first match, a big tough guy who no-sells moves and has a cool-looking finisher, basically he can't lose which makes some sort of odd sense considering he can't wrestle.
  • Dec 17: Full column

    TSN has no respect for wrestling fans

      Being a fan of wrestling has always come with a price. For the majority of the eighties and nineties we were viewed as having some sort of mental deficiency and disrespected for loving wrestling. In the past couple of years (mainly this one), wrestling has broken into the mainstream garnering some sort of grudging respect by its critics.
  • Dec 10: Full column

    ECW in Canada? The time is now!

     With the increasing number of Extreme Championship Wrestling superstars showing up on the WWF and WCW programs the time is right for Canadian fans to do their part in bringing ECW to Canadian television. In the last few weeks such former ECW superstars as Bam Bam Bigelow, The Sandman and most recently the Blue Meanie, have left "Barbed Wire City" for the more lucrative pastures of Titan and Turnerland respectively.
  • Dec 3: Full column

    Introducing...the Puppet World Order

      With the number of WO's growing at an alarming rate, just look at the recently formed Latino World Order and now the emergence of the MWO (McMahon World Order), it seems only logical that people everywhere will buckle under there constant barrage. Instead of fighting the trend, fans should embrace it and help out the various companies (after all ECW had the Blue World Order), by creating and pitching there own WO's. That's why the world is now ready for the PWO.
  • Nov.19: Full column

    Raven's Lament

     When Scott (The Raven) Levy first debuted in Extreme Championship Wrestling (then Eastern Championship Wrestling) some three and a half years ago - brought in by Stevie Richards (as a childhood rival of Tommy Dreamer's) - he was an instant success. In the span of weeks he was one of (if not THE) most hated heels and his ready-made feud with Dreamer was, is and always will be a Hardcore classic. While his feud with Dreamer lasted his entire tenure, he faced other challenges and soon became the ECW World Heavyweight Champion on two separate occasions and was co-holder of the World Tag Team Championship twice with Stevie Richards.
  • Nov.19: Full column

    A myriad of broken thoughts...

     When Vince McMahon handed Mick (Mankind, Cactus Jack, Dude Love) Foley, the newly created Hardcore title two weeks ago, everyone assumed it was a joke. Here was one of the hardcore greats being handed a broken and battered title, held together by duct tape and hope, with the word Hardcore written across, not like a claim but like a lament. Many assumed that this was Vince's (and the WWF's) way of mocking Mick, instead of honoring him.
  • Nov.12: Full column

    Is hardcore killing ECW?

     With few exceptions, fans of ECW (that's Extreme Championship Wrestling, for those of you who didn't know and if you're Canadian you probably don't), chant the company's three initials like a mantra. One would be hard pressed to find a wrestler's name in the mix unless if was in conjunction with a "F--k him up! F--k him up!" chant or a "(insert name) is going to kill you" chorus.
  • Nov. 4: Full column


    Chris Gramlich originally hails from "anywhere he damn well pleases" (a.k.a. Vancouver, BC). His hobbies include: wrestling, piercing various body parts, aggressive music, Buffy The Vampire Slayer, Star Trek related programs, good animation, any all shark programs, video games, wrestling and walking his dog. Gramlich plays in a jazz/metal/punk/noise band called Association Area, being previous associated with bands such as Bad Blood and Tchort.

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