The DOCTOR IS IN ... Samuel Jackson plays a 1960s country doctor in Eve's Bayou, which he also produces.

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Friday, July 25, 1997

Film fest adds Samuel Jackson premiere

Toronto Sun
The Toronto International Film Festival boosted its gala lineup yesterday with the addition of a new Samuel Jackson drama, Eve's Bayou.
Written and directed by newcomer Kasi Lemmons and co-produced by Jackson, Eve's Bayou is a 1960s family saga set in the U.S. South and seen through the eyes of a 10-year-old girl. It makes its world premiere in Toronto.
Jackson stars as a smalltown doctor who is known to be capable of anything except keeping his family healthy and happy.
Co-stars include Lynn Whitfield, Debbi Morgan, Diahann Carroll as a voodoo-empowered fortune teller, and youngster Jurnee Smollett as the title character, Eve.
Filmfest officials also announced details of the third annual Planet Africa program, now a popular element of the 22-year-old festival, which is scheduled for Sept. 4-13 this year.
The program will include eight features and five shorts from Africans or filmmakers with an African heritage who are now based in countries such as the U.S., Jamaica and Britain.
The features include Jamaican co-directors Don Letts and Rick Elgood's Dancehall Queen, a drama bursting with raw reggae sounds.
Another hot title is Buud Yam from the Burkina Faso director Gaston Kabore, who re-unites audiences with the characters of Wend Kuuni, a film from 15 years ago. The boy of that story is now a young man who sets out to find healing herbs to cure his adoptive sister.
Other films include British director John Akomfrah's documentary, Martin Luther King: Days Of Hope; revered Egyptian filmmaker Youssef Chahine's Destiny, an award-winner at the Cannes Film Festival this year; and South African director Ramadan Suleman's Fools, a harrowing personal drama about a confrontation between a history teacher who once raped one of his students and the brother of his victim.

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