AFTER DARK ... New series premieres in October with sci-fi war flick Starship Troopers.

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Wednesday, August 27, 1997

A big blast of gore

Toronto Sun
Blood-splattered, tongue-in-cheek and as warped as they wanna be, the movies of Midnight Madness return to the Toronto International Film Festival eager to please.
Madness programmers Noah Cowan and his new partner in crime, Colin Geddes, yesterday announced their eight-feature lineup, the last remaining series to be firmed up for the 1997 September filmfest.
Cowan said in a statement that he is pleased Geddes is joining him because of "his vast experience in spooky Asian ghost stories and gory Italian slasher parties."
Geddes enthused: "From a murderous copy editor to parasitic worms, from exploding heads to evil stinky eyes and fornicating ducks, this year the Midnight Madness program is a comprehensive roundup of all things transgressive and weird in world cinema."
The lineup includes American Kirby Dick's documentary Sick: The Life And Death Of Bob Flanagan, Supermasochist, touted as "an unblinking chronicle of the life and death of an artist" who spent his adult life getting "pierced, penetrated, slashed, slapped, gagged and strung up."
"This is the ultimate example of what we want in Midnight Madness," Cowan said in an interview, "because it's a film that has received mainstream accolades in film festivals and still has the power to absolutely disgust everyone.
"This year is a collection of all the things we know and love, from Asian massacres to penises being nailed into boards, but finally it all comes down to porn, porn, porn, which is finally what the end of the '90s are about. I see Midnight Madness as the final stake in the heart of Protestant Ontario."
Highlights in the program include: The Japanese bloodbath Fudoh: The New Generation from Takashi Miike and American Cindy Sherman's camp horror flick Office Party.
In other news, festival director Piers Handling announced that a new year-round series called After Dark will make its debut on Oct. 25 with the midnight screening of Paul Verhoeven's Starship Troopers, a sci-fi war flick. Cowan will program the on-going series with "some of the most groovy and unusual films mixed with the ferociously hip."