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Photo Gallery

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The rocky Korok


Possible campsite

The upper Korok

Last lunch on the Palmer

Tom Stevens drags the canoe

Sean Peake sits at our Communication Centre

The three Peake brothers

HACC Guide Andrew Macdonald pours some of the champagne


Sean Peake carries a canoe

The last spot on the Palmer

The beginning ofthe final 5 km

High Camp above the Palmer River

Playing cards

Miserable day

Leaving the tent

Making dinner

Look closely

Bumpy trail

Checking the map


Magnificent valley

Lapland rhododendron

A busy bee

Clearing clouds

Making breakfast

Ancient Inuit food cache

Steep climb

The photographer

It takes two

Going upstream

Donning the drysuits

Preparing to depart

Cold misty morning

Drinks all around!

A short paddle

Cutting bread

Crystal clear water

Up the Palmer River

Labrador Man!

Crossing a stream

Palmer River from above

Snowy valley

Climbing day

Geoffrey checks out the area

West end of Nachvak Fjord

Michael transmitts photos

Upstream work begins

Down Tallek Arm

Lunch at the falls

Ancient dwelling

A cozy home

Great falls

The Master Baker

With the satphone

Our camp

Bears in the water

Out of the water

Polar bears and caribou

Watching the nature show

Line of caribou

Caribou on the ridge

Entering Nachvak Fjord

Minke whale

Watching caribou

Writing under a tarp

Nachvak Fjord

Sea coast

A calm day

For little Tom Peake

Narrow sea caves

Wet drysuits

Lunch spot

About to crack

Ancient tent rings

The Muzzle

Taking a break

Towering seaside cliffs

Loading the boats

On the riverbank

Viewing Gulch Cape

Playing caribou


Iceberg in Saglek Bay

Unstable iceberg

Iceberg Alley

Fresh water

Finally underway!

The clouds finally lift over Labrador!

It's a bit of a tight fit

The remote weather station

Pilot Kevin Hann

Geoffrey Peake sorts

A caribou stands beside the old fuel tanks

North West River

Detail from a hand drawn map

Artifacts from the Hubbard & Wallace expedition

Members of the Labrador Odyssey expedition

Peake checks out some of the supplies

Hudson's Bay Company post

A view up Little Lake

Semi-precious rock Labradorite

Peake checks out some of the supplies

Hudson's Bay Company post

A view up Little Lake

Canoe builder

Government building

Joe Goudie

History magazine

Them Days editor

On our way...

In flight

Loading up



CJ'01 scouts

Spice kit

'Brain Child'



Helping hand

The canoes

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