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Equipment Lists: The Kitchen


Our cooking gear is nothing unique -- a few pots, frying pan, some spoons and forks -- except for the one unusual item we carry: a "small" pressure cooker (3 lbs.). It is amazingly effective at re-hydrating foods and cooking those impossible items -- like navy beans -- in a fraction of a time needed by a conventional cooker. Also, with only a single burner to cook on, a pressure cooker lets us cook two items at the same time -- the pressure cooker continues cooking for quite a while after being removed from heat, so we save on fuel. It also has a double bottom that prevents scorching -- a real plus when making popcorn! We now consider it an essential item.

Our cookware, with the exception of our pot for boiling water, is usually fine-quality stuff from specialty stores -- and most definitely not the paper-thin sets sold as "camping" units. We need quality stainless steel pots with thick bottoms to resist scorching and abuse from portaging over hill and dale. They ain't light but they'll last for years.

We also take along bread pans -- there is nothing like fresh bread or rolls on a canoe trip. Geoff has mastered the art of baking bread (and other treats) with a Coleman Oven and the Peak 1 stove, earning him the undying respect of his brothers and fellow paddlers... but only while there's bread available.

We also use the oven to elevate the lowly camping meal of KD to gourmet levels. Instead of boiling water and adding powered cheese to noodles. We bake our mac and cheese (using Mrs. Peake's recipe), which involves making a roux of flour and milk along with onions and cheese. Topped by a generous crust of aged cheddar the HACC Mac dish is a real sensation.

The oven is also used for Geoffrey's delicious fruit crumbles -- which we have know to enjoy for breakfast from time to time!

Here's our Kitchen list:

Lagostina 7 Litre Pressure Cooker
8 l. boiling pot, 6 l. cooking pot
Coffee pot
2 Bread tins,
2 Baking pans
2 Frying Pans (One Teflon for Fish)
2 Peak-1 stoves (incl. Priming Oil, Spare Parts, Top and Fuel)
Modified Coleman Oven with
Lighter & Matches
8-1L. Fuel Bottles w. 2 Pour Spouts
Cutting board
Utensils (forks, spoons, knives + Lg. spoons, spatulas, grater, can opener)
Scrub Pads
Measuring Cups
6 Plastic Bowls
Spice Kit (salt, peppers, oregano, Tabasco. Lea & Perrins, mustard powder, boullion cubes, soup
bases, soy sauce, raw garlic, powdered garlic, garlic salt, , basil, Spike(R), dried onions, Lemon
juice, cinnamon, nutmeg, vanilla extract)
Water Bag, Recipes
Garbage Bags
2-1L. Drinking Bottles
Bread Knife
Stainless steel Thermos
Extra Cups

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