Peter Brewster catches a fish on the Thelon River above Ursus Islands in July 1985. (Photo - Michael Peake)

The Hide-Away Canoe Club
"The time comes nigh"

Who We Are

Since 1981, the Hide-away Canoe Club has explored northern Canada by canoe. Retracing historic routes and forging new ones, the HACC has brought alive the stirring past of this nation. Our attitude can be summed up in our motto:

"We were not pioneers ourselves, but we travelled over old trails that were new to us and with hearts open. Who shall distinguish?"

In 1985, as part of a 55 day, 1000 mile trip across the Northwest Territories, we named a river after canoeing legend Eric Morse. The Morse River, which flows into the mighty Back River was named while Eric was still alive-a rare honour. Since then the HACC has continued to paddle unique and exciting routes throughout the north. This includes three traverses of the rugged Ungava Peninsula and a crossing of the western cordillera via the McDougall Pass.

A rocky road is ahead for Geoffrey Peake as he navigates this carry in central Ungava south of Nantais Lake in July 1988. (Photo - Michael Peake)

What We Offer

At the core of the Hide-Away Canoe Club is an experienced and proven group of outdoor enthusiasts. We offer top rank photography and writing by professionals in their field. We work in the media and understand how to achieve maximum exposure.

Sponsors have rights to any trip photos and words, plus attributions of trip members. In addition there is media exposure though print, Internet, TV, radio and numerous publications. HACC members are in demand throughout North America for speaking engagements detailing their unique and exciting northern trips.

We offer a proven record of performance, a taste for the unique and exciting and a uniquely Canadian angle on the outdoors. Our continued success in attracting sponsors testifies to the fact that we deliver on what we promise and will continue to do so.

Where We're Going

The Hide-Away Canoe Club has slowly, methodically built its reputation and experience to become recognized as among the top in its field. We do what we do because we really want to-it is not our job but our love. Every HACC trip is carefully chosen to interweave history and adventure. We celebrate our past and acknowledge the future in our series of trips which are carried live daily on the World Wide Web. We will continue to build on this base which began in 1981.

We know that the tales of adventure in Canada's north, are lively ones. The beauty of its land and the allure of its history attract a wide variety of people and there are few better able to combine that experience in words, pictures and deeds better than the members of the Hide-Away Canoe Club.

Sustaining Sponsor


  • numerous photo stories in Toronto Sun and associated papers since 1981
  • PBS adventure series Anyplace Wild has featured the Peake Brothers in six episodes.
  • numerous publications including Canoe Magazine, Canoe Journal, ROB Magazine, Canadian Geographic, Explorers Club Journal
  • live online expeditions to
  • CBC Radio & TV, TVO interviews
  • feature 10' photo in lobby of L.L. Bean store

    Major Expeditions

  • 1985: Journey Across the Barrenlands -The naming of the Morse River, NWT
  • 1986: Bay to Bay - Hudson to Ungava via Leaf River
  • 1988: Povungnituk 88 - In the Footsteps of Flaherty across Arctic Quebec
  • 1991: Lands Forlorn - Great Bear Lake to Coppermine, N.W.T. via the route of George Douglas (1911-12)
  • 1994: Across the Arctic Mountains-NWT to Yukon via the Rat River and McDougall Pass
  • 1995: Arctic Land Expedition-Lake Athabasca to Back River-The Lost Route of Dr. Richard King, R.N.
  • '97&99: Onriver.Online - George River, Que. & Winisk River, ON

    Our Publication

    Since 1984, we have published Che-Mun, a quarterly journal on Canadian wilderness canoeing and its history With subscribers across North America and around the world, Che-Mun is read by leading northern paddlers who value its unique focus.

    Telephone: 416.221.3225

    Email the paddlers with your questions and comments