The Hide-Away Canoe Club
"The time comes nigh"


Geoffrey Peake, 40, is a Wilderness Youth Counsellor that works primarily with young offenders. Geoff is one of the original members of HACC. Geoff explains, "One of the fascinating aspects of northern travel (or any travel for that matter) is the interesting people you meet." His ability to judge the rapids has gained him respect in the eyes of his team. Geoff is at one with the canoe and in the wilderness therefore earning the position of Chief Guide, the on-water leader of the group. Geoff lives in Nelson, BC and is a loving husband (to an amazing wife Leslie) and father to Megin, 9, and Brendan, 7.
Michael Peake, 49, is an award-winning photographer with the Toronto Sun, where he has worked for the past 26 years. Michael, who was a founding member of the HACC in 1981, has been paddling north since 1976 and also publishes the canoeing journal CHE-MUN. Dubbed the "Governor" by his paddle-mates, Michael is the undisputed leader on dry land. Once the paddling begins, however, he hands it over to the Chief Guide's capable hands. Speaking of the lure of these adventurous undertakings Michael quotes the late paddler Omond Solandt, "The paddling and northern exploration helps to iron out the wrinkles in my soul." Michael lives in Toronto, ON with his wife Margaret, a well-known publicist, and their son Tom, 5.
Sean Peake, 44, is an Information Architect creating content for Web sites and providing strategic and tactical direction for marketing campaigns. A founding member of the HACC, Sean is the Director of Research, responsible for pulling together the historical journals, reports and maps on the region. "Knowing the history of the area and the people who have travelled there before us is an important part of the overall experience," he says, recalling the time that he discovered that the Povungnituk River marked on the map was not the same river that was first descended and described. Sean lives in Toronto, ON with his wife Beverley and children Kaitlain, 18, Emily, 14, and Virginia, 6.
Tom Stevens, 41, is a teacher at a Toronto independent girls school. He loves sports and has recently added wilderness canoeing to his list of activities. His HACC title is Director of Tennis & Golf Operations (dormant). This is his third HACC trip having braved an expedition with the loud and smelly Peakes on the George River in 1997 and the Winisk River in 1999. Amazingly he's going again! He lives in Toronto.
Peter Brewster, 58, is a Managing Editor at the Toronto Sun, where he has worked for the past 29 years. Peter joined the HACC in 1983 and has been awarded the highly coveted title of Piscine Procurement Officer in deference to his skill at catching and cooking dinner. He loves "the physical challenge, the wildlife and the opportunity to see the wilderness that others can't get to." Peter lives in Toronto, ON with his partner, Christie Campbell, and he HAS to be back in time for the birth of their first child in August.
Andrew Macdonald, 28, is a Productive Enterprises Coordinator at Eva's Phoenix. In his position he matches youth in the transitional housing facility with employment opportunities. Andrew, the Reconnaissance Director, has been with HACC for seven years and claims his inspiration for this upstream trip is "the intimate relationship one establishes with the land while travelling against the current." Andrew feels very fortunate to have the opportunity to immerse himself in Canada's northern lands by paddling the historical routes of Canada's aboriginal people. Andrew lives in Toronto, ON and will be married to his fiancée Sally in late 2001.

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