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Best wishes from the paddlers of Labrador Odyssey! The crew is seen here reaching the height-of-land between Labrador and Quebec. L-R Peter Brewster, Tom Stevens, Andrew Macdonald, Michael Peake, Geoffrey Peake, Sean Peake. We hope that you enjoy reviewing our adventures!
Sunday, August 5, 2001

Peter Brewster's Daily Trip Log:

 KUUJJUAQ: Re-entry is always a bitter-sweet experience

 I find it is the same after every long canoe trip. Especially one where , although we are wired to the world, there has been no sign of other human life.
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Geoffrey Peake's Guide Report:
Our Labrador Odyssey is over

About 6 pm today, after the rain and mists had cleared, a single Otter from Johnny May's Air Charter in Kuujjuaq flew over our camp, circled twice and touched down. Within minutes, we loaded the remnants of our gear-paddles, clothing, tents, computers, generator (now several hundred pounds lighter without food and fuel)-and were airborne again. The pilot banked hard over the last rapid, leveled out, then headed west. On that final turn, faintly off the right wing, maybe 100 km away, I could see the unmistakable outline of the Torngat Mountains to the east, silhouetted against the horizon.

 For the rest of the flight, as we flew over the barren rugged shoreline of Ungava Bay, I thought about the previous three weeks. Twenty-one days ago we were still stuck in Happy Valley, waiting for the weather to clear, uncertain when our Labrador Odyssey would begin.
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Thursday, August 2, 2001
Michael Peake's Governor's Report:
It's been a pleasure

 It's time I put down both my digital and still cameras to extend a final message for this Hide-Away Canoe Club trip.
 Every trip has its bits of lingo, certain phrases and dialogue which are repeated ad nauseum throughout the journey. For us it's the adding of the suffix -- age -- to a variety of camp words. If a tent is being pitched in a place with a lot of deep soil -- there is good pegage. If the blackflies are out in force (and boy, were they ever) then there's a lot of bugage. And now it's time for wrapage.
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A Labrador Odyssey

The Hide-Away Canoe Club presents an interactive canoe journey through northern Labrador and Quebec presented by Woods Canada Inc. A canoe journey of 250 miles from the Labrador coast then traversing the rugged Torngat Mountains and paddling the Korok River into Ungava Bay. Summer 2001 A.D.

Exploring northern Labrador Onriver.Online

  • The Hide-Away Canoe Club's 25-day, three-part trip will feature; paddling on the Labrador Sea; then upstream through the rugged Torngat Mountains; then down Quebec's remote Korok River.
  • The third Onriver. Online trip in a series begun in 1997 and carried on the Canoe website - with daily photo and story transmissions.
    1997 (www.canoe.ca/georgeriver)
    1999- (www.canoe.ca/winiskriver)
  • The trip begins on July 9 from the site of the CJ'01, the Scouts Canada Jamboree on P.E.I. We will fly directly from the PEI beaches to the northern Labrador Coast to begin a trip that concludes August 3 at the mouth of the George River in Ungava Bay.
  • The HACC boasts a 20-year record of innovative and unique northern, historically-based canoe expeditions - with an impeccable safety record.
  • Email the paddlers with your questions and comments