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Technology: Computers


Laptop computers

Geoffrey Peake shows the children of George River pictures of our trip moments after landing on the beach in town during the North to Ungava Onriver.Online trip. (Photo - Michael Peake)

The HACC has been an all-Mac shop since 1984, so this year we are taking a pair of Apple Powerbooks to handle all our writing and imaging needs. We have both a G3 (400Mhz, 10G and 192M RAM) and a newer G4 Titanium Powerbook (500Mhz, 20G, 256M RAM). Having these powerful machines means we can handle more heavy duty computing chores, such as video-editing and creation of VR 360° panorama photos.

The computers are the hub of our system of satphones, a digital video camera, and two digital still cameras. Both computers have a PC card slots for digital picture input and Firewire ports to process digital video. The satphone connect through USB ports.

While the computers are top of the line, they are not exceptionally rugged. Their use is restricted to inside the tent or outside only on "perfect" days, and they must always be kept away from potentially dangerous areas like cobble beaches or the edges of tarps. One such tarp dribbled just enough water on our G3 laptop last trip to douse the processor for good!

In case of a catastrophic failure of one of the computers, we are using an Iomega Zip 250 drive and five 250M discs to back up all digital pictures and text files.

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