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Technology: Video Imaging



The addition of a Mini-DV video camera is a natural step in our digital canoe world. Mini-DV technology allows captured digital video to be easily downloaded to a computer through the fast Firewire ports on our Mac Powerbooks.

We are using a Sony TRV-11 camera that has a 120x digital zoom and night vision capability. The camera weighs less than a pound and slips away easily in our cases of cables and computers. The hard part about doing video is the editing. The ability to shape and hone moving pictures into a coherent story is no small task. That's why they give out Oscars for it.

We'll try our best using Apple's easy iMovie software that comes with all their new computers. Our broadcasts won't be fancy but they will add another dimension is what it is like to be in northern Labrador that regular photos can't convey.

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