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    Daily Journal
  • Aug. 16: Mike Peake
  • Aug. 16: Peter Brewster
  • Aug. 15: Geoffrey Peake
  • Aug. 15: Rev. Peter Scott
  • Aug. 14: Peter Brewster
  • Aug. 12: Peter Brewster
  • Aug. 12: Geoffrey Peake
  • Aug. 11: Peter Brewster
  • Aug. 11: Geoffrey Peake
  • Aug. 10: Peter Brewster
  • Aug. 9: Geoffrey Peake
  • Aug. 9: Peter Brewster
  • Aug. 8: Midway update
  • Aug. 8: Guest column
  • Aug. 8: Geoffrey Peake
  • Aug. 7: Peter Brewster
  • Aug. 7: Geoffrey Peake
  • Aug. 6: Geoffrey Peake
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  • Aug. 4: Peter Brewster
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  • Aug. 3: Geoffrey Peake
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  • Aug. 2: Geoffrey Peake
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  • Aug. 1: Geoffrey Peake
  • July 31: Peter Brewster
  • July 31: Geoffrey Peake
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  • July 29: Depart Toronto

  • Onriver Online

    Aug 17, 1999: Panorama-rama!

    After 17 days of sharing the Winisk River's rapids, birds, fish, bears and sunsets with CANOE readers, the Winisk to The Bay crew is home.
    Each of the paddlers was affected differently, on an emotional level, as the trip drew to a close, but everyone agreed on one thing: It is you the reader who made it possible. So thank you, very much, for coming along on the Onriver Online Winisk to The Bay expedition. As a last techno-blast, the crew has sent three Quick Time Virtual Reality panoramic 'movies.' This process electronically stitches together a series of photographs, enabling you to enjoy a wide, wide, WIDE angle view of some of the diverse scenery they encountered. You may have to download QuickTime software first, but once you've got the image on-screen, just click and hold on the borders to pan left or right. Enjoy, and thanks again for coming along. See you next time.
  • Tashka Rapids
  • Limestone rapids
  • Typical view on the middle section of the Winisk

    You can check out more of the superb work by the folks at QuickTVR.

    Peter Brewster writes: Homeward Bound

BREWSTER ABOARD THE VIA TRAIN HOME: You can become a little too introspective about this sort of thing. I could sit here, warm, dry and well-fed from VIA's Silver and Blue service and wax long and hard about the river we canoed, the eagles we saw and the polar bears that made my hair stand on end.
    Heading home.
    -->to photo gallery
    Truth is, what it all comes down to is that we had a damned good time. If we hadn't, the conversation at breakfast this morning - sooo nice to say Yes, thank you, I'll have more coffee without having to get up from the luxury of a wet rock and pour it yourself - would not have fixated on the NEXT expedition. But more of that at the appropriate time. Even last night, as we sat like wilderness waifs for three hours beside the tracks at Savant Lake waiting for the train, swatting the odd bug while (four of the group) played cards under our lantern, I was personally rethinking items of equipment and plotting improvements.

    Geoffrey Peake's log: From the glowing teepee, thanks

    GEOFF PEAKE I'm exhausted. Tonight as I write my final journal, I can barely keep my eyes open. My legs ache, and my face is windburned after our long trip to the bay today. But the thrill of seeing polar bears in the wild far outweighs any discomfort or weariness I feel. In fact, what I am feeling now, the quiet contentment at the end of a long day, is the hallmark of a good trip.
    Wabusk, the polar bear.
    -->to photo gallery
    I'm writing tonight's dispatch from inside a teepee in the town of Peawanuck. Now, before you paint a rustic picture of spruce poles and canvas skin in your mind, bear in mind this teepee is a little different. It is a fully framed and furnished, complete with walls, shingles, a front door, two beds and a desk, and--most importantly--an electrical outlet.

    By Michael Peake, Governor, Hide-Away Canoe Club:
    Planning the next journey

    ABOARD THE CANADIAN -- My time has come. The unfortunate thing about finally getting to do my written submission for our Onriver Online adventures means that the journey is over. Peter Brewster, my brother Geoffrey and even our Chaplain Peter Scott have each filtered their own thoughts of our Winisk to The Bay expedition out to you over the past 17 days.
    Winisk to... The Bay
    -->to photo gallery
    The Winisk has been a wonderful experience. Every trip begins with a mental picture of the river you are about to do. You imagine the adventures and vists that lie ahead. The Winisk surpassed all those expectations. As a river, it's a constantly changing and evolving entity.
    It gives you a number of different looks and finally, the large swaggering river streaming into Hudson Bay, bears little resemblance to the more modest stream draining Winisk Lake.
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