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  • Monday, August 16, 1999

    Planning the next journey

    By Michael Peake, Governor, Hide-Away Canoe Club.

    ABOARD THE CANADIAN -- My time has come.
    The unfortunate thing about finally getting to do my written submission for our Onriver Online adventures means that the journey is over.

    Peter Brewster, my brother Geoffrey and even our Chaplain Peter Scott have each filtered their own thoughts of our Winisk to The Bay expedition out to you over the past 17 days.
    Michael Peake
    Michael Peake

    The Winisk has been a wonderful experience. Every trip begins with a mental picture of the river you are about to do. You imagine the adventures and vists that lie ahead. The Winisk surpassed all those expectations. As a river, it's a constantly changing and evolving entity. It gives you a number of different looks and finally, the large swaggering river streaming into Hudson Bay, bears little resemblance to the more modest stream draining Winisk Lake. It's a wonderfully healthy river; alive with frogs, birds, water bugs and all those little pieces that go into a healthy ecosystem.

    So, why do we do all this? It is certainly more work for us to produce pictures and stories on a daily basis. But like Thoreau's pile of wood, we are rewarded twice. Once by living and breathing in the beauty that is the Winisk. And once again by you. It's a curious position to be in, doing this Internet paddling. We are in the middle of everything, yet we see and hear nothing of it.
    photo by Maurice Mack
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    With no Internet browser access, we get no picture of what we are doing. That is a good thing, we will gladly paddle now and surf later. If you enjoyed these pages, please thank our sponsors - and better yet patronize them. We would not be here without them. Especially Canoe Frontier and Woods Canada, our principle patrons.

    One of the time honoured-traditions on an HACC homeward-bound journey is to begin to plan the next one. There is no better place to do this than onboard VIA's train, The Canadian. The creative juices were flowing as swiftly as the Winisk during our mealtime discussions in the dining car. We have the beginnings - and a name - for a very exciting and interesting new destination for the next Onriver Online expedition. Something further north. Something more adventurous. Won't you come along with us? We simply must do this again.

    Until next time, I humbly remain, your Governor.

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