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  • Sunday August 8, 1999

    Midway update:
    A whitewater of words

    By DOUG E. BELL -- Online Editor, CANOE

    The flow of data streaming off the Winisk river sped up today, just past the chronological halfway point of the trip. There's a special guest column co-penned by the Reverend Peter Scott and Tom Stevens, as well as the usual daily input from Geoffrey Peake. Michael Peake sent five new pics for the photo gallery and also the first few
    QVTR pictures - a series of shots taken while turning 360 degrees that will eventually be stitched together to form a panoramic 'real-time movie.' Watch for it. There's also a raft of answers for the flood of queries posted in our questions page. (Plus some extra-specific replies inside of Geoffrey Peake's daily journal entry.) The guys have just passed the 'elbow' of the Winisk, its prime geographical feature. Check the map for a visual version. So far our paddlers are right on schedule, the weather's been fine, the fish have been plentiful and they've experienced only minor technological problems that were quickly corrected. (touch wood) One week to go.

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