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    Quick Time Virtual Reality is a process of electronically stitching together a series of photographs. To enjoy wide, wide, WIDE angle views, simply click and hold on the image to make it pan left or right. You may have to download QuickTime software.
  • Tashka Rapids
  • A typical stretch on the middle Winisk
  • Limestone rapids

    You can check out more of the superb work by the folks at QuickTVR.

  • August 16
    Group shot
    Peawanuck elder
    In the teepee
    Night train
    Beautiful bowsprit
    Heading home
    August 14
    The old Hudson's Bay Store
    Peake strolls into the icy depths
    View of Hudson Bay
    Walking through the lowlands
    Heading down the Winisk
    Watching for polar bears
    An old sidewalk
    A polar bear strolls by
    Fletcher Mack
    Maurice Mack
    So long old whitecoat
    Northern beauty
    August 13
    Chatting with locals
    Peawanuck portrait
    Mirror, mirror...
    Nice buns
    Peawanuck Sweet Pea
    David pitches veggies
    August 12
    Tom Stevens and a stogie
    Start of Limestone Rapids
    Camp at Limestone Rapids

    August 11
    Clouds begin to disappear
    David Peake paddles
    A moulting Canada goose
    Tom warms his feet
    August 10
    Blue asters, red canoe
    Getting ready for supper
    The lecturer

    August 9
    Flying proudly
    Evening view
    River's edge
    August 8
    Fossilized worm
    Courtesy wash
    Hard at work
    Eagle down

    August 7
    Reaching land
    Writing assignment
    August 6
    Wide-angle view
    Dip in the Winiskisis Channel
    Setting up tent

    August 5
    Playing with the moss

    August 4
    On the move
    Catch of the day
    Eying a plant

    August 3
    Scouting Tashka Rapids
    Running rapids
    Lunch stop
    Sizing up a rapid
    Going around the Tashka Rapids

    August 2
    A nice campsite
    Landing a fat one
    Sandhill cranes
    Cleaning a fat one
    Dragonfly muse
    Reading up
    August 1
    On the water!
    On a portage!
    More rapids
    July 31
    Loading the Otter
    Bernie Cox
    Ready to leave for Webequie
    Aerial view of Winisk Lake
    Unloading at Webequie
    First welcome - hilarious
    Second welcome - delicious
    Story tellers exchange notes
    July 30
    Arriving in Savant Lake
    Brewster's anti-bear kit
    Unloading the canoes
    Lashing the canoes
    The next stage
    Lynn Cox of Canoe Frontier
    The Otter for Winisk Lake

    July 29
    Canoes wait outside Union Station
    The first portage begins
    Into Union Station
    Union's main hall
    Right turn
    Down the tunnel
    The view from underneath
    Another tunnel
    Micheal Peake helps unload
    Into the baggage check office
    Bundling the paddles...
    ...for a baggage handler
    Tagged for travel
    Kissing the canoes good-bye
    On the train
    In the observation car

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