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    (You can also send questions to the crew)

    Send messages to

    August 15

    I have been following your trip down the Winisk. I lived in the community of Winisk for almost 2 years; having left the community the fall before the flood.
    I have known some of the adult community members since they were young children. I also have had the chance to visit Peawanuk.
    Having lived in the James Bay area for some 25 years, it never ceases to amaze me the beauty of the land and the environment, as is quite evident in your photos.
    It is quite humbling to be present in such a vast untouched land. Best wishes and cherish your memories!

    Karen Nakogee
    Moose Factory

    Glad to see Peter looking great in his "Anti Bear Hunting" Gear. Glad he didn't need to use it....
    Thomas Pigeon...The Canadian Outdoor Heritage Alliance.

    Just wanted to express my sincere thanks to Canoe, for having the insight and brilliance to highlight, through daily journals and pics., the Winisk to the Bay Expedition.
    It has been a pure delight, to log on each day and read about the exploits and daring do of the, "Hide-Away Canoe Club." In fact, it goes far beyond that. It gave me a chance to relive my times spent wilderness tripping.
    You know Greg, I am positive, that as I read the journals, and delighted in looking at the photos, on line, I heard the Eagle call, as it soared high over the Winisk Explorers.
    Again, my sincere thanks to not only the Intrepid Explorers for sharing their journey but to Canoe for allowing us to peek in on them.
    I am really looking forward to "my" next canoeing journey, where ever that may be, with the Hide Away Gang, and Canoe.

    To all of you, Thanks.
    It has been a pleasure to follow this club on the Winisk River. I highly, along with my brother, enjoyed the daily updates and comments.
    If we never make it to this river, at least through your eyes, we will have seen what a wonderful river, trip and people there are in this area.
    We hope your club will forever be able to show the world and other canoist areas like this that basicly are natural, untouched by modern civilization. To show the respect along with appreciation to the native people and the land that it appears the HACC Club does.
    We will try and follow this club from now on.
    Thanks to ALL of you again

    Richard & Bill Shannon
    S.D., CA Emmett, MI

    Next Year try the Severn River. Chief George Kakakespan of the Fort Severn First Nation will be happy to welcome you.
    Bring your Camera. Because, there are more white bears, and other assorted wildlife than you can shake a stick at.
    Also a twenty room motel with HBO Cinemax, The Movie Channel etc. etc.
    However, Nothing. I mean Nothing compares to the flora and fauna.
    Check out the web site at WWW.KNET.ON.CA
    Henri Chevillard

    August 14

    Tom, Geoff, Michael, David, Peter and Peter;
    Every morning since you left, I have sat at my computer, watching your journey and wishing more than anything I could be with all of you.
    You have brought laughter and beauty to my mornings, and I am going to miss it when you get home.
    Although, probably not as much as the bunch of you will. Thank you for sharing such a wonderful experience with those of us who are unable to make such a trip.
    I used to trip a great deal when I was younger, but the responisbilities of 4 small kids makes that rather difficult now.
    Brightest Blesings to you all
    Colleen McBroom,
    Bobcaygeon, ON

    Hello to All,
    Enjoying the pics, hope you are all well and that the cigars remain dry, the brandy is served reasonably warm.
    Mark Carter

    Thank-you for the photos of the Winisk River. I lived and worked in Winisk during the winter of 1973/74 and had moved down to Kashechewan before break-up. That's not to say that I didn't see the mighty river flow. I had to dig down deep through the ice to gather water every couple of weeks. That was one of the recreation/survival activities during one's time off with the Hudson Bay Company.
    I was delighted to see the photos from Peawanuck and hope you will be posting a few more. Peawanuck's existence is testament to the awesome power of the Winisk River.
    Two members of the Winisk band were killed during the break-up flood of 1986, as your history page mentions.
    The people of Winisk, now moved to Peawanuck, were wonderful. They were friendly, hospitable. They were also tremendously capable and wise in the ways of the land and the river.
    If you have time while in Pickle Lake, you may wish to talk to the owner of the K & K Tackle shop.
    He was the Hudson Bay Company's last store manager, prior to the closing of the company's store in Winisk in 1975. Congratulations
    Stuart Carmichael
    Hamilton, Ont

    August 13

    Our mutual friend Ellen Moxham put me on to your trip and I have enjoyed it very much since.
    I just completed a trip on the Middle Fork of the Salmon in Idaho.
    It's been a lot of years since I canoed into Ontario, but I still remember the mosquitos! Best wishes and keep the great reports coming. Bill Smith
    San Diego, CA

    Dear Fellows, We have been following your canoe trip down the Winisk River and I can tell you, it is quite impressive, to say the least! Anyways, may the great spirit be with you for your safe arrival. There will be tea and bannock waiting for you when you get to Peawanuck. Maybe some freeze dried beer?
    Couldn't passed that one up. Maybe we will set up a ribbon for your finish line to comemorate your " canoing the Internet". By for now!
    Sam Hunter in Peawanuck

    Everyone at Canoe Frontiers, Inc. says HELLO...I'll be leading a trip on the Winisk departing August 21.
    Just putting the finishing touches on the food plan...I'm looking forward to your specialty fish chowder (what is the recipe again?).
    I hope the 2 other groups trailing you are having a good time. I'll be your shuttle driver once again (to Savant Lake). Maybe this time even Michael will take a snooze! Oh, but wait, then I would miss out on all of Michael's entertaining stories!
    Seeya soon,

    Hi again Peter: You guys deserve a big round of applause. I will stand first and begin.
    As for the 55,000 hits, I have no idea where the extra originated from and I am not seeking any credit. However, for your information, you trip has been posted on my website from before the beginning of the trip. Hopefully that helped pull a few.
    There are probably other sites that have done the same I'm sure. Also, remember, the internet is growing by leaps and bounds. Maybe next trip you will need three computer people with you to help keep up with all the mail.{:o))
    Good luck, and keep the good stuff coming. We all enjoy our "virtual trip" and are drooling, wishing we could be with you in person.
    Bill Logan
    Friends of the Suwannee

    I have been following your "Adventurers" since I accidentally "hit a button" and had the pleasure of finding a highlight about your journey. It was only a few days ago that someone profiled you.
    I was determined to "Hear the Rest of the Story:" so, I spent several hours tracking y'all through Union Station~~including not-too-good pictures, with all respects~~~from July 29th until NOW. The pictures improved, and the dialog about your adventure was always 'PERFECT.' I have you on my "Favorites."
    Unfortunately, I did not receive your final episode. I will check for it tomorrow.
    Arlie McClelland
    Birmingham, WA

    August 11

    Hi, guys.
    I just spent my lunch hour looking at your site from my office on the 18th floor of an office tower in Calgary. What a fantastic trip! I've done some canoe trips in the past, but nothing like what you're doing right now.
    Technology is sure shrinking the world, isn't it? This is a great idea. Thanks for the little lunchtime getaway.
    ps- nice brook trout!
    -Pat Ward
    Pat Ward, Process Engineer
    Facilities Assurance
    403 233-1557

    Hey Men
    I'm the blacksmith at Fort Edmonton Park. I was truly distressed by your lack of good Scotch so I had to toast you several times with a good single malt ( MacCallums 18 year old) hope you manage to "sally forth" I'll be toasting you.

    August 10

    Hi canoeists!
    I have been following your trip on the web, as I had already followed your trip of the George River.
    I am enjoying looking at your pictures and reading your daily reports.
    It is all very well done! Thank you for sharing your adventures with us. I have made two canoe trips in the NWT myself, but that was many years back.
    Your pictures made me wish to do it again! Enjoy your trip! Greetings from Switzerland!
    Hans Wiedemar, Berne, Switzerland

    Dear Fellow Canoeists,
    Ref the lack of wildlife on this trip: I canoed the Anderson River, about an hour and half flight time east of Inuvik, NWT and daily over the course of two weeks saw many caribou, grizzly, bald eagles, and especially my favorite, Wolves. Some of the wolves would follow us down river for hours seemingly more curious in us than we were in them. The best thing about seeing it all was that they were not accustomed to humans (a good thing I think).
    It seems there is more wildlife in the NWT and Yukon than in the eastern arctic. I am following your canoe trip with great delight.
    I truly miss my days of canoeing with friends and can't wait for the days when my kids are older and I can take them.
    I plan to do many with them as they see your trip with excitement as well.
    Happy Trails
    David Levenick
    New Lowell ONT

    The Winisk is no place for a two weight. Good fishing.
    David Prothero

    Hi Daddy,
    We love you and we are missing you a lot.
    See you soon.
    RLRS,ENCS xoxox

    Hi Peter:
    Looks like you guys are having a ball up there. You guys are the envy of the lower states. I think you had a super idea to be online during the trip. I'm not sure but I would hazard a guess that you guys are the first to do such a thing. Great idea. I'm sitting down here in Florida where we don't need a suana.
    All we have to do is go outside for a few minutes and the shirt and trousers are wringing wet. Gads! I sure wish I could be with you. Don't forget to take a ton of pictures. We all want to see them all ... when you get back. Not just a few.
    Our rivers down here are almost dry from the heat and lack of rain. If you think I am exaggerating, just take a look at my web site "Photo of the Month" ( ) Our Suwannee river Shoals look like the shot of you and Mike dragging your canoe over the rocks on the "Coppermine" run. Normally they are a Class 1 - sometimes a Class 2 Hope you have a great time with few problems. Take care, Keep your paddles wet and your hair dry, and even more important, keep that darn lap top dry. {:o))
    Bill Logan
    Cocoa, Florida

    I just stumbled across your trip. I enjoyed it very much. Hope all continues to go well.
    That is some pretty neat hardware that is getting your photos and text to the Canoe website.
    Unobtrusive but we are right along your side. Anyway thanks and have fun!
    Dale in Halifax

    Michael --
    We're back from the Kuujjua -- bruised, bloody, and battered, but unbowed. Perfect trip! More later.
    One of the guys on our trip did the Winisk about 40 years ago: down it and up the Sutton, I think. Might be interesting to compare his memories with your accounts in Che-Mun.
    Trust this finds you well, and hpe to see you before long.
    Will Lange -

    August 9

    Just accidentally found you guys online and it has been wonderful to read about and see pictures of your trip.
    It looks fabulous. We hope the second half is even better. Tom, we hope to see you in Temagami when you get back. John and Laura are there the 22nd to 28th.
    Janet and Jeff Butler

    Hello Hideaways:
    Enjoying your travels immensely - pics and words are superb! You guys are working hard. When do you get to sit back and have that freeze-dried beer?
    Happy Paddling,
    Nancy Stewart

    Hello gents.
    Have been following your trip with great interest and am enjoying it very much. However, your photo's while very good do not show enough of the trip itself. Just a little too artsy maybe.
    More of the camps and the everyday life in general of your trip please. Have fun.
    Bob Bernier

    August 8

    Thanks to your photos and fine writing, I'm vicariously enjoying my second trip on the Winisk. The first was in 1984 when a friend and I each drove with our solo canoes to Pickle Lake, were driven to the "highway" crossing of the Pipestone River and set off down the Pipestone and Winisk to the Bay at Winisk for a flight back from the old DEW station field (after helping the crew unload 3000 gallons of jet fuel).
    It's good to hear that many of the rapids we had to carry can be run when there is water in the river. We had very low water on the Winisk, and while we could have found routes through parts of them, there were frequently barracades of boulders with not a canoe's width between them guarding the pool at the bottom.
    You are now entering the part of the river where we wished we had a sea anchor-- even in low water we wisked along for 50+ mile days; that gave us time to stop and slog back away from the river looking for the moose that we, like you, could hear but not see. No moose, but swans, geese and duck were prevalent away fromn the river.
    I wonder how you will navigate the Limestone Rapids. In the low water, the recommended route (in an old MNR writeup that we picked up in Moosonee in the 70's) on river-right never materialized -- it was bone dry. Methinks you might have the option of either side.
    Keep the dry side up!
    R. McCleary
    Kendall, NY
    (south shore of L. Ontario, across from Oshawa)

    Just found your website. Very enjoyable reading about your trip. I lived in Northwestern Ontario for several years, but never had the chance to do such a trip, although I have dreamed of it.
    Looks like your group has done some wonderful trips over the years, and I am envious. Need another partner?
    The fact you are documenting the trip on the web will give many a chance to experience the North, and brings understanding to many southern Ontario types that don't really know about their own province, let alone country.
    Best of luck.
    Ross Longbottom
    Ancaster, Ontario

    Just found your website surfing. Great idea logging the trip on the internet.

    Gentlemen, I believe that the fossil you displayed is, in fact, an impression of the worm Cornulites bellistriatus from the Middle Silurian.
    This is, of course, an educated guess as I have no geologic map of the Winisk at my elbow. Anything else?
    Yours sincerely,
    Mr. Smarty Pants
    (a.k.a.Sean Peake)
    Hide Away Canoe Club
    Director of Research/ Invertebrate Palaeontology Division
    We were wondering why there are no pictures of our star reporter Tom Stevens in your photo reports.
    Is this because he is actually goofing off, relaxing on a sun drenched beach somewhere in Mexico? If so, we may have to dock his pay.
    Editor, Recreation & Resorts
    The New York Times

    August 7

    Hi Guys
    Have been following you on the internet.
    I'm an old canoe'ist in my late 70s and don't get much time on the water anymore but im enjoying your trip .
    Lots of luck
    Bud From Wawa Ontario

    I've been enjoying reading about your trip and wish I were there, too. I do love canoeing and being out on the water. It's so refreshing.
    I took a canoe trip once at Les Veranderies, in Quebec. I was wondering about the Winiskriver and it's significance as a historic river.
    Can you tell me what is the historic significance of this river? Thank you. And thank you for sharing your trip with us. Yours,
    Cathy Czuma
    from London, Ontario

    Hi Guys
    Enjoying your daily log and pictures.
    As a Scout Leader and canoeist, I have an appreciation of your quest, canoeing, and enjoying nature and all the wonderful scenery, have a wonderful time and keep the logs and pictures coming.
    Garnet Matthews
    Selkirk, Ontario

    August 6

    Hello: I just found out about your canoe trip on the Winisk River in the Toronto Sun newspaper today.
    It is wonderfully written and illustrated with pictures of a northren Ontario I dearly miss. Stricken with arthritis I no longer smell the pine scented woods or hear the call of the wolf and loon across a lonely lake.
    My camping days are past but I will ride along with you on your wilderness adventure thanks to the wonder of technology.
    May the wind be on your back and the sun on your faces.
    Good Luck to all.
    From virtual canoeist Linda Keswick, Ont.

    Gentlemen: I caught your spot on CBC this morning and I was of course, ahem... green with envy. ;-) Anyhow, cut to the chase...
    The geometry of your high latitude is fortuitous in that your local sunsets will be longer in duration, than those you would normally experience in Toronto, (due to the apparent obliqueness in which the Sun meets the horizon). This local condition may allow for a marginally better opportunity to photographically capture the green flash phenomenon than you would experience in more southerly climes.
    GF is a localized phenomenon caused by atmospheric refraction, in which the upper limb of the Sun at sunset, appears to separate from the true disk. The effect is short lived (a few seconds), but can be personally rewarding, in that most people haven't witnessed GF (let alone heard of it).
    Dr. Andrew Young (San Diego State) is looking for images of GF and I thought that you may be interested in the photo opportunity. Andy's GF site is at I've included Andy's hints on helping to capture GF on film, (or most probably in your case, digital image).
    Cheers, and pleasant journey....
    Bob Botts

    ("My own main difficulty was caused by the retinal bleaching that usually occurs at sunset, making the yellow stage (that occurs about a second before the real green) appear green. I had to learn to hold off for that first second and wait for the photographable green to appear.
    Of course, there was some useful practice in learning the equipment and getting exposures in hand during those early months; but it is certainly preferable to be aware of this problem and allow for it from the start. Of course, if you have a motorized body and can shoot 3 or 4 frames per second, you can just blast away from the first appearance of green until everything disappears, and sort out the results afterward. (This has the advantage that you can then measure the duration of the green stage after the fact, which is also useful to do.)
    Speaking of exposures, I started out trying to photograph the Sun itself, and so tended to underexpose the green flashes at first. I still often don't give them quite enough -- especially the inferior-mirage flashes, which are so close to the horizon." - Andy Young)

    Just wanted to say hello -- I did the Winisk in July 1993 with my father and two other guys.
    The water was very low that year, and the rapids were really rough in places. We almost lost one of the canoes (thank God for duck tape!) and nearly had to walk out. Of course, we didn't have a digital camera, a laptop or a cellular phone... Love the pictures.
    It's funny how some of those places still seem so familiar...
    Kevin Crombie

    Not sure if Algonquin Park can compete with the Winisk. Look forward to seeing you on the sixteenth.
    Love from Aunt Nancy.

    I think this is a truly amazing idea. Inspirational even. Are the bugs bad up there?
    John Tennant

    Heard the interview on CBC I think (the one that my car radio is always set on) and thought what a wonderful experience it must be.
    As a former boy scout and sometime canoeist (I have a Chestnut) I must say that I envy you all.
    Best wishes for a great trip!
    Fred Alexander
    Thunder Bay ON

    Hi Guys: Just to let you know that I'm enjoying following you on your trip, especially the pictures. Isn't technology great!
    I'm from Northern Ontario and it's good to have some publicity.

    Hiya guys, 'specially you PGB: Having recently discovered the wonders of home computing...coupled with two weeks holidays, I have had a chance to tap into your adventures via CANOE.
    Very neat......never done the paddling thing myself. But, as you know Peter, I have done a bit of the Sahara in North Africa by four-wheel drive.
    Not nearly as wet as what you fellas are going through. Enjoyed reading the e-mails from those following your trail.....God, this internet thing is an amazing link with reality. But not the same as reality...for those of us who have actually been in the midst of nature's splendors.
    Good luck on the rest of your journey....I am being genteel this holiday and leaving Thursday for Montreal to see a few museums and visit friends.
    Take care, Pete, Mike and crew...
    cheers from Linda Fox languishing away in Leaside

    August 5

    I first heard of your trek yesterday (Aug. 3) on CBC Radio. Then there you were again this morning on CBC Radio -- do I sense a trend here? I just wanted to let you know that you're inspiring an otherwise inactive person to persue her dream of a week-long guided sea-kayak trek, as a beginner. I look forward to becoming an active paddler and thank you for the message of high-tech, high-class (fresh bread, oh my!) "roughing it".
    I'm thrilled and extremely impressed by your tales, keep 'em coming boys! :-) Sheila MacLeod
    Ottawa (well, Gloucester, really), ON

    Perhaps the waylaid grill is keeping company with the yellow cigar case. Missed the interview this morning but all seems well without me--though not nearly as enjoyable with sparkling conversation and bon mots.
    Geoff, don't let the "gov" (I'll never get used to that term) be so officious.
    With you in spirit(s)
    HACC Director of Historical Research and hand-holding
    PS. No one is barfing here and Minnie Ginnie says "Hi."

    Thoroughly enjoyed the magnificent picture of you studying your Bird book. Wondering what was on the underside of the cover. Sorry we're going to miss you in Muskoka.
    All the best,
    Philip and Kate.

    It's fun checking in on your progress and I envy you guys. Could you try and take a picture of a nice Walleye for us fish fans?
    Good luck and be safe.
    Eric Thunaes

    Hi Gentlemen,
    I just discovered your sight and look forward to "sneaking" some time at work to read all of your entries. It reminds me of a site being maintained by local fellow who is kayaking around North America,
    I spent a lot of time catching up on his journals but they stopped in April. Now I'll follow along with you instead.
    Best of Luck,
    Diane Woods
    Saint John, NB

    Hi Tom - given your new responsibilities and title, we felt you should be kept up to date on the Du Maurier in Montreal.
    It's into the second round, and Rafter, Agassi, and Kafelnikov are all still around, and Courier beat Henman in 3 sets.
    No news from the golf world, but who cares, really. Hope the trip is going well everyone - great photos!
    Colin and Jen Powles

    Hi Peter and Michael and crew, Sounds like y'all are having a great time paddling 30 km a day and catching pickerel and baking bread by firelight. Mike, your cutlines are hilarious, it's a good thing the rest of the guys don't see what you're writing about them!
    This hi-tech gig is so good that it feels like I'm right there with you paddling the Winisk. You probably don't want to think about the office, but just letting you know that the new moving schedule is out. Photo will move Aug. 23, and editor's offices on Aug. 24.
    Caribana was a splash - literally it rained all day. It's the dog days of summer, so you're not missing a thing. Would trade places for fire, wind, nature and water anyday. Ciao for now.
    Happy Paddling,

    I have been enjoying the white water rafting at Canada's Wonderland this summer. Any tips?
    Signed Wet and Confused!
    Angus Scott

    August 4

    Hi, checked out your trip for the first time today.
    Looking at the picture from today. You never mentioned that Lanny Macdonald was on this trip with you, LOL.
    If you run into any Bears, you may have wished that you brought Tie Domi, instead. Just Kidding.
    I wish I could be traveling with you. Hope that you have great weather, may the portages be short and few, and the wind always to your back.
    Will continue to monitor your progress. Good Luck.
    Tim Fitzpatrick

    Hi, checked out your trip for the first time today.
    Looking at the picture from today. You never mentioned that Lanny Macdonald was on this trip with you, LOL.
    If you run into any Bears, you may have wished that you brought Tie Domi, instead. Just Kidding.
    I wish I could be traveling with you. Hope that you have great weather, may the portages be short and few, and the wind always to your back.
    Will continue to monitor your progress. Good Luck.
    Tim Fitzpatrick

    Hi Guys, I paddled the Winisk in 1986. I hope you're enjoying the trip. It is an amazingly powerful river.
    I've spent a lot of time in the bush but I've never seen horseflys and mosquitoes as plentiful and as hungry.
    How are the bugs?

    Hey Michael
    I just thought I would send a hello your way. It's a great site, which must mean your'e having a great adventure.
    I just got back from the Burg River (near the Albany) and we had a massive thunderstorm each night which kept the water levels up and spooked us silly the entire time.
    Have a good one.
    Kevin Callan

    Gentlemen, I'm envious!
    As a veteran of the Missinaibi and the Albany rivers, I am now salivating over your photos of the Winisk.
    Boy, will you have great memories, and stories to tell in front of the fireplace this January!
    Thanks for the wonderful article and photos!
    Yuri Amatnieks
    Mississauga, Ontario

    Mike and Peter: What great fun to follow your trip as you make it. I've always enjoyed the stories and photos of your trips but this is really a step above.
    I'll think of you guys when I'm kayaking out at the Brooks Peninsula on the west side of Vancouver Island next month. And I'll see you, Mike, on the ice at Moss Park in early October.
    Enjoy your trip. I certainly am.
    Kevin Scanlon (back at the Star)

    Hi there guys!
    Which one of you yosemite sams' is really a lush tropical ugglie fruit?
    Will the winner respond to his sweet pea. staying afloat in the Kootenais
    Geoffrey Peake--Leslie Mitchell Peake
    Megin & Brendan

    Hi Guys --
    This time last year, my boyfriend was paddling deep into the Quetico interior with his two best friends. Their nearly annual "guy trip" has become, like yours, a tradition fiercely endorsed by all involved (hey -- it's a vacation for me, too!). They've been friends since childhood, where they grew up together "up north" in a once-prospering mining town called Atikokan.
    I also grew up in Atikokan, until I was six, and the mines closed, and the people left. When the people left, they took their kids with them (makes sense), and without classrooms full of children, there wasn't much work for my parents either, both elementary school teachers at the time. So we moved.
    And this is where your story catches my interest ... This time twenty years ago, my family was moving into Webequie, where we lived for a disproportionately short period of time, relative to the wealth of memories I still keep with me. I remember ice fishing with my Dad, and I remember the time the snow machine got stuck, the slush on the lake beginning to freeze around the tread.
    That's probably the most scared I've ever been in my life, because I could tell that my Dad, a 6'6" Paul Bunyon of a man, was scared too. I remember coming home at lunch and seeing my younger sister learning Ojibwa out of a Richard Scarry book -- her nanny Kaneneh would point to a picture and say "waboose" and Megan would say "rabbit" and they taught each other like that, all day long.
    I remember when my best friend's dog went missing, and I ran all over the island yelling the dog's name at the top of my seven-year-old lungs, wondering why all the old men sitting on stoops were giggling -- it finally made sense when someone told me later that the dog's name was Ojibwa for "penis". I remember my Mom getting really, really sick of canned peans and dehydrated mashed potatoes, two things we've never eaten since.
    Hope you paddle safely, count the stars, eat some walleye (walleye! not pickerel!) for us. Special "howdy" to Michael -- I work at a PR agency and we've met a few times. I'm in Toronto as I write this, and you're not missing a thing. Cheers,
    -- Jeni
    Jeni Armstrong
    Shandwick Canada
    (416) 964-6444 x438

    Hey Michael - Can't help but think back to the nights on the University River, lying in my sleeping bag, unable to move my right arm (great river to start a beginner on) and straining to hear the sounds of the wilderness over the snoring...How the heck are you guys???
    Trip sounds amazing - I'm still paddling, though not as much as I would like - Not alot of high water here in N.S. - hope the river is good to you...and why the hell are David and Tom still single???
    Love Nancy

    August 3

    We are hoping you are enjoying the great northern weather, waters and wildlife.
    We are enjoying the photos and log book, Feels like we are there with you with such good commentary.
    From the nurses at Webequie Nursing Station

    Seeing the pictures of your trip daily is more wonderful then I can explain.
    These pictures bring us some enjoyment, peace, longing to be back on a river, that only those that have been in such a area know. Thanks again for the daily update. My brother and I are very much, along with others, enjoying your trip.
    We hope to one day paddle this river, and with your input we will know in advance the enjoyment we are in for.
    Thanks again,
    Richard & Bill Shannon

    Have just picked up your story from the online CANOE netsite.
    Haven't read it yet but I know it is a trip that will offer a lot af adventure, thrills and as well danger. I encourage you to carry on, enjoy nature, but be very careful.
    Good luck. I will be watching your progress on the internet
    Phil Hebb

    Dear Peter Brewester, I was astonished to note in your report a few days ago the grave and alas all too common error in grammar, ie. it's which should have been its.
    Sorry to mention this, but I couldn't resist. Hope your trip is going well.
    All the best.
    Angus Scott

    Yourok (Geoff)
    Your journal says you are serving Soy Chai Tea? Is there any historical significance to this drink? Were some Voyageurs vegans? I'm confused.
    The river looks fun from the photos, enjoy the whitewater, ignore the bugs and remember that any day in the woods is better than a good day in the city!
    Geoff, you gotta work on your logistics, I've got Starbucks worked into my next trip twice! Leaving tommorrow for 26days (sort of).
    Imok (Nevin)

    August 2

    To Peter and Company
    Bet you sure made a sight going through those tunnells. Keep the great pictures coming, we love to keep up with you. Watch those mosquitos!

    Hi Guys,
    My X-brother-in-law and some friends of his paddled up the Winisk back in the late 70's to raise money for Kitchener-Waterloo hospital's pediatric unit.
    Have you heard of their expedition? Ross Brown, Dave Amy and I can't think of the other guy's name. Anyway enjoy what's left of our shrinking natural environment.
    Bruce Sinclair

    Peter Scott & Crew:
    Following your journey has been very interesting & Informative.
    Have a safe & enjoyable trip. Will be watching for the water trip.
    Larry & Eleanor Peyton,
    Port Colborne, On.

    August 1

    What a cool web site! My husband, Jon, will be part of a group following you down the Winisk (Aug. 6 - 22), so I'm pleased to have a way to follow his progress, too. Lynn Cox and I are old friends and I would have been on the trip, too, if it weren't for the rigors of a new job. Lynn and I started canoeing when we were 8 years old together at summer camp in Ontario and I am incredibly disappointed that I'm going to miss this year's trip.
    Lynn and Bernie (Canoe Frontier) are THE BEST -- you're in great hands. What a wonderful world we live in when we can share wilderness experiences on a daily basis -- from far north Ontario to Dallas, Texas -- and far, far beyond. It's magic. Good luck, be safe and have fun (it seems there's no doubt of that!).
    Here's to hungry fish and satiated bears....
    Wendi Strong, Dallas

    Both my brother, Bill, and I envy all of you. This trip is one that we have been talking about for a few years. So far the furthest north we have been is last years trip on the Attawapiskat River. End of August we will be back in Ontario on some other river for a month. We still have to finalize which river.
    We will be following your trip with great interest and hope all of you have a safe and enjoyable adventure. Thanks for letting us share it with you.
    Richard (SanDiego,CA.) & Bill Shannon (Emmett MI.)

    I wish I was there.
    flt, Florient Turpin
    Aylmer qc.

    Hi Daddy: (Michael)
    Gunwale is very sick, she's barfing a lot.We miss you very much.
    Is your Sat phone working? We keep checking, but no news since you got off the train.Can you E-mail us please?
    love your son TOM

    Hi Michael,
    This is Gran and Granpa Armstrong (and Donald). We are watching your trip from our home. Like seeing the canoes going through the station. Don't tip over.
    Love from us.

    Hello just want to wish you guys a safe and wonderful trip,watch out for the bears and let us know what kind of animals you run across,just for you info, I'm from Hamilton,Ontario. Pleasant boating
    Perry Barber

    July 31

    Hello from St. Catharines Ontario,
    Thought I'd send you a message wishing you the best on your adventure into the wild north country of Canada. I wish you all the best, and most importantly HAVE FUN! I wish I was with you but my wife wouldn't let me leave her alone with the kids.
    Wishing you the best!
    Kim Marshall
    St. Catharines, Ontario

    Hi Peter Scott and crew,
    Trust everything is going well.Our visitors are enjoying Canada, in Quebec City today. We are all fine and following your journey on the net.
    Have fun.
    Love Margery and Noel.

    The photos are great and this is a great adventure. If the bugs didn't keep me away, the thought of bears would. Not much of a bear arsenal. Keep well and have a trip to remember for a lifetime. Will keep monitoring so keep us up to date.

    Geoffrey (Yourok)
    Good show on the portage departure, I'm sure you turned a few heads. Best of luck on the trip. It appears that you have all the bases covered. A quartermaster, counsellor, educator and priest; most expedition difficulties should be handled appropriately.
    If not, a photographer and editor can always document any needed evidence for the authorities! Talk to you when you return. Keep your head up and your Tongas in the water.
    Nevin (Imok)

    Have a good trip!
    What's in the cooler?
    Jim Wagner

    Congratulations on a rousing send off!
    My trip this weekend has been shelved because of sick children, but I'll be following yours.
    God's blessings on you for safety and good paddling! By the way, nice picture in the "Meet the Crew" section!
    Looking forward to future reports!

    Greetings from George Sesto , hope all is well and stay safe

    Who the hell's your guide...Via Rail past Sault Ste Marie...NOT !!!
    Bob Lewis

    Hello to Michael & Peter...I just wanted to let you know how much I'm enjoying your trip so far. The photos are great! Best of luck to all of you!

    July 30

    Hello guys, I'm green with envy about your undertaking. It sounds great.
    Just thought I'd give you a little tip on the end of the day dinner. While you're paddling, run a fishing line behind the canoe with at least 20 yards of line and a 5 of diamonds spoon or a rapala, if you stop and go. Good chance you'll get a few hits along the way. If you notice that your canoe is moving backwards while paddling forwards, HANG ON, you've got a lunker. Enjoy the trip and keep the pics coming. I'll imagine I'm right there with you, you lucky dogs.

    Hey David(Andrew) Peake,
    I suppose you're all gathered around the camp fire chewing on some low-fat whale fat right about now...discussing the latest wilderness fashions, you know....things like, when will the "Gap" stop worrying about retro-fashion and finally design a wet suit I can dance in!
    Just got back from the market..The old lady who told us to hurry up and get out of her way asked about you... "Where is your slow friend?" she said..Immediately I became defensive.."He's not's just all the new coins...they confuse him!" She's now living with me and the cat's love her......where are those cats anyway?
    It's raining now and has cooled down quite a bit. It was supposed to get to 42C .....agh! Going on a swimming trip tomorrow with a friend from work, can't wait for the car ride...............sad. I just finished watching Deliverance and I now know quite a bit about canoeing.....a bit of advice......if someone says "Squeal like a pig!" to you...I would suggest you graciously decline.
    Hope all is well.....

    Good morning...Just want to wish you the best on your trip... it should be real adventure. I just finished reading a book about a father/son team who canoed from Winnipeg to South America in 1989. it took them two years but they did it...It was called "PADDLE TO THE AMAZON". So I am aware of your trials and tribulations you might encounter... Anyway... May God be with you and have a safe journey...will be watching the reports on this...Lucy Bedford

    It is probably more dangerous to portage through Toronto, than braving the river.
    Best of Luck
    Wayne Bernard

    Hello Peter (Brewster),
    I just wanted to wish you and the crew all the best on your adventures. I apologize for not calling or writing sooner. I've been meaning to pop into the newsroom, but as you know I've been on night shift at CP when not at the Sun. [ I also thought you might be at tonight's FarmBoy & the Rim Pigs show : ( ]
    Anyway, I imagine you've been busy gearing up for this trip the last few weeks!!
    I happened to check the Canoe site this morn only to learn that you had just departed for your trip. If I'd been online even 2 hours earlier, I would have run down to Union Station to see you off. Again, sorry to have missed you.
    So, have a safe and happy journey. Take care and, if possible, keep in touch! I'll be following your trip thanks to, er, this online technology : )
    Hope to hear from you.

     Attention :Chaplain Peter Scott
    Please convey my best wishes to you and your collegues on your trip to the Bay; I shall be following your trip with much interest to this part of Moosonee Diocese. Extend "Wachea" to the good Cree folk you meet, may the blackflies & deerflies spare you, and the current & wind kind to you.
    Has your team ever done the South Nahanni? It's a great trip which I was fortunate to do some 13 years ago and which I highly recommend.
    Bon Voyage and Every Blessing! Ken

    The Ven. K. Cardwell
    Archdeacon of Brock Region
    St. Paul's Anglican Church
    Fort Erie, Ont. Canada L2A 2L1
    church ph & fax 905 871 6704
    home 905 871 3792

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