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  • WINISK to THE BAY -- Schedule

      July 29 -- Depart Toronto 11am. But first - Union Portage. We carry canoes from front of Union Station through it and on VIA Rail's transcontinental train, The Canadian.

      July 30 -- Arrive around 10am in Savant Lake where we are met by folks of Canoe Frontier for the drive north to Pickle Lake and their base.

     July 31 -- Fly-in with Canoe Frontier to the native village of Webiquie on Winisk Lake where we begin our trip. Hope to speak with some of the residents there.

     August 1- 12 -- Paddle Winisk River to village of Peawanuck close to Hudson Bay.

     August 13 -- Meet with Sam Hunter in Peawanuck for a day's excursion into Polar Bear Park looking for the white bear among other animals.

     Aug 14. Canoe Frontier picks us up in Peawanuck for long flight back to Pickle Lake.

     Aug 15. 10pm CatchVIA Rail's The Canadian back to Toronto

     Aug 16, 10pm Arrive back in T.O.

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