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  • Sponsors

    The Winisk to the The Bay team thanks the following sponsors for their support in making this trip happen. You can reach many of them at their own web sites as noted below.


    Canoe Frontier (
    While Canoe Frontier is a newly established business it is founded on the many years of experience of Bernie and Lynn Cox. They also own and operate their own charter flying service. That combination, together with the vast Hudson and James Bay watershed river system, they feel they can offer some of the best canoeing North America has to offer! They are picking the Winisk to The Bay crew up at the train in Savant Lake and driving north to Pickle Lake where they will fly in the canoeists and pick them up at the end of the river and reverse the process.

    Woods Canada, (
    Established in 1885, Woods is one of Canada's oldest and most respected manufacturers of outdoor equipment. Woods produces a full line of recreational clothing and gear. Over the years, Woods has supplied expeditions to all parts of the world and brings to its regular line of products the same quality and care demanded by world explorers. The Woods name is synonymous with rugged, dependable outdoor equipment. They are providing the Winisk to The Bay team with tents, sleeping bags, daypacks and their classic Woods Canoe Pack. For more info and literature call 416-465-2403 or visit their Web site.


    Via Rail Canada (
    the traditions of canoe and train travel are woven deep into the Canadian fabric. We will use Via Rail's transcontinental train The Canadian as our main transportation link for the trip leaving from Toronto Union Station. Via Rail is very canoe and adventure friendly and a great way to get to remote areas without the great expense of flying.

    Dagger (
    Dagger is a manufacturer of canoes, kayaks, sit-on-top kayaks, slalom and wildwater race designs as well as high end composite sea kayaks and paddlesport accessories. They are based in Tennessee. The Winisk to The Bay team is using two of their 17-foot Venture canoes and one 16-foot Legend canoe both made of Royalex.


    Infosat Telecommunications (
    Since 1986, INFOSAT has been designing, integrating, and commissioning remote communications systems. Customers include some of the world's most prominent resource companies, network operators, broadcasters, and government agencies. They offer a broad range of communications options and are supplying a Mitsubishi St-251 or OmniQuest satphone to the expedition.

    Nikon Canada, (
    For almost half a century, Nikon cameras have been the overwhelming choice of professional photographers and lovers of fine photography around the world. That's because their commitment goes beyond providing the product; they support the Nikon user through an extensive network of after-sales care and service. TheWinisk to The Bay team is using the Nikon E3 digital camera to record the trip's progress and send pictures back to the CANOE web site. This high end digital camera has four resolution settings and accepts all Nikon lenses at their regular focal length. Expedition photographer Michael Peake is also using a wide assortment of Nikon cameras and lenses including the Nikon F5.
    Apple Canada, (
    Apple Canada Apple Computer continues to lead the way for speed and innovation. The expedition is using one of their renowned G3 Powerbooks to download their digital pictures and prepare the stories. They are also utilizing another Apple Powerbook, the 5300.

    Environergie, (
    Environergie prepared the solar charging system the North to Ungava team took in 1997 to power their satphone, laptops and cameras and have improved it for this year's trip by making more power available. Environergie has developed an uncommon expertise in custom-made photovoltaic equipment for expeditions going to extreme situations, like the North and South poles, and Mt. Everest and a lot of unusual applications where people need electric power. Environergie provides a full line of quality solar products and systems for remote house and others. Recently, Environergie has developed an alarm system powered by solar energy.

    Remy Martin, (
    Through Remy Martin and Remy Canada's Ontario Regional Sales Division, Sainsbury & Company Ltd, the Winisk to The Bay expedition is being provided, in the finest historical tradition of northern adventures, with some time-honoured libations. This includes a bottle of Remy Martin Fine Champagne Cognac and some Mount Gay Eclipse Barbados Rum. Visit the Remy Martin website to find out more.

    Toronto Sun, (
    Part of the growing Sun Media Corporation - and the original link in the chain the Toronto Sun has two employees on this trip, Associate Managing Editor Peter Brewster and Staff Photographer Michael Peake. The Sun also supplied some film and a laptop computer to the expedition. Visit their Web site.

    Northern Canadian Logistics
    An all Canadian company, Northern Canadian Logistics takes pride in the shipping and installation of fine architectural millwork designs. They wish the guys a great trip and safe return home. They have donated some fine Romeo y Julieta Cuban cigars for those moments of reflection and relaxation.

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