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  • Hide-Away Canoe Club Trip List

    The Hide-Away Canoe Club was founded in 1981 and has been canoeing historic canoe routes in Canada's north almost every year since. In 1985, as part of a 1000 mile, 55-day trip, they named a river after Eric Morse, the dean of Canadian wilderness canoeists, while he was still alive. The group's regular crew consists of the four Peake brothers -- Michael, David, Sean and Geoffrey, the Rev. Peter Scott, Peter Brewster, Andrew Macdonald and Tom Stevens. In the last 16 years they have paddled thousand of miles of wilderness waters from the Yukon to Ungava. Click here to learn more about the team members on the Winisk to the Bay trip.
    1981 French River, ON - Fur Trade Route 100/5
    Missinaibi River, ON - Fur Trade Route 350/16
    Quetico/Grand Portage -Fur Trade Route 150/14
    1982 Rupert River, Que- Fur Trade Route 400/16
    Ogoki-Albany, ON- Recreational Route 150/10
    1983 Amable du Fond & Mattawa R. - Fur Trade Route 40/2
    Dumoine River, Que - Recreational Route 100/5
    George River, Que - Historic Route
    From headwaters to Ungava Bay
    1984 Pukaskwa River, Ont - Recreational Route 100/9
    Lake Superior - Fur Trade Route
    Thunder Bay to Michipicoten
    1985 Morse River Expedition - Historic Route
    Dubawnt, Thelon & Back Rivers, NWT. Named river flowing into Garry Lake after Eric W. Morse. Crossed 3 heights-of-land.
    1986 Dog River, Ont - Recreational Route 75/5
    Leaf River - Historic Route
    from Clearwater Lake across height-of-land to Leaf River to Ungava Bay, Que following A.P.Low's and Robert Flaherty's 1911 route.
    1987 Quetico Provincial Park - Recreational Route 100/10
    1988 Povungnituk 88 - Historic Route
    from the headwaters of the Povungnituk River to Klotz Lake and over to Hudson Bay, Que. retracing the 1912 lost route of Robert Flaherty.
    1989 Churchill River - Fur Trade Route
    From Patuanak to Pelican Narrows, Sask.
    1990 Across Ungava - Historic Route
    up the Koglauk and down the Payne Rivers, Que. First trip down the Payne River since the 1950s and following part of Robert Flaherty's route.
    Nahanni River, NWT - Historic Route 400/12
    1991 Lands Forlorn - Historic Route
    Great Bear Lake to Coppermine, NWT via Dease & Kendall rivers. Following the 1911 route of George Douglas.
    1992 Heart of the North - New & Historic Route
    Great Bear Lake to Coppermine via Hepburn R.
    1993 Petawawa River, Ont. - Recreational Route 80/5
    Quetico Park, Ont. - Recreational Route 150/12
    1994 Across the Arctic Mountains - Historic Route
    Ft. McPherson NWT up the Rat R. & down the Bell & Porcupine rivers to Old Crow, YK following gold and trade route across continental divide.
    1995 Arctic Land Expedition - Historic Route
    Lake Athabasca to Garry L. via the Tazin, Taltson, Thlewiaza,Thelon, Hanbury, Baillie & Back rivers. The lost route of Dr. Richard King R.N. Proposed in 1845 but never undertaken until 1995.
    1996 BWCA, L. Superior ON & MN - Fur Trade Route
    Along fur trade route with PBS crew filming Anyplace Wild show.
    1997 George River to Ungava - Historic Route. A second paddle down the mighty George for the HACC but the first trip for 350/17

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